Counter-Strike: GO on M1 Mac: Can it run on Apple Silicon?

Counter-Strike: GO on M1 Mac: Can it run on Apple Silicon? 7Yes, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive runs on M1 Macs via Rosetta 2.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive shouldn’t need an introduction.

Counter-Strike single-handedly shaped competitive first-person shooters into what they are today. And Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is the improved and refined sequel that is now free-to-play and gets better every year.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Mac

Developer Valve has always been a big macOS supporter and their CS: GO Mac version is proof of that. The Mac version of the game has exactly the features as the Windows version, including cross-platform multiplayer.

Shooter: Shooter 64-Bit Support: Counter-Strike: GO on M1 Mac: Can it run on Apple Silicon? 8 M1 Support: Rosetta 2
Developer: Valve API: OpenGL M1 Performance: Good

Is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive worth it? The reviews

Counter-Strike: GO has been around for a long time now, but make no mistake, it continues to receive major updates every year and is still considered one of the best first-person shooters available today:

Counter-Strike: GO on M1 Mac: Can it run on Apple Silicon? 9 85% Reviews

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Mac requirements

These are the game’s official Mac requirements:

Mac Requirements
OS: 10.11
Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 2400, NVidia 8600M or better
Hard Drive: 15 GB

PS: Graphics requirements may demand a dedicated graphics card, but we have successfully tested the game on several Macs with integrated graphics in the past.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive M1 Mac support

Counter-Strike: GO on M1 Mac: Can it run on Apple Silicon? 10Yes, Counter-Strike: GO runs on M1 Macs with Apple Silicon via Rosetta 2.

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2021:

CS GO on M1 Mac

 Counter-Strike: GO on M1 Mac: Can it run on Apple Silicon? 11 Launch issues: CS: GO is currently having issues that prevent it from going past the intro cut-scene.

To resolve them:

  • Go to the game’s Properties on Steam:

CS GO Mac launch issues Part 1

  • and paste the following code in Launch options: “-w 800 -h 600 -refresh 60”:

CS GO Mac launch issues Part 2

The game was tested on the following M1 Mac:

  • 13-inch MacBook Air (2020): Apple M1 chip with 8-core CPU, 8 GB RAM

As you can see below, the game is still exclusively written for Intel-based Macs, but thanks to Rosetta 2, CS: GO can nonetheless run great on M1 Macs:

Counter-Strike: GO on M1 Mac: Can it run on Apple Silicon? 12

What is Rosetta 2? Rosetta 2 is a translation process that enables an M1 Mac with Apple silicon to use apps built for Intel-based Macs.

Tested versions:

  • MacBook Air: MacOS Big Sur version 11.1
  • CS: GO: Content release date: Jan 29, 2021

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Counter-Strike M1 Mac benchmarks

These are the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive M1 benchmarks we have gathered so far:

Benchmarks Medium Settings & 900p Max Settings & 900p Medium Settings & 1280p
MacBook Air (M1, 2020)  65 FPS 42 FPS 45 FPS

As a reminder, this is how we describe the different levels of performance:

  • Below 20 FPS: Unplayable: Laggy gameplay, full of stutters and slowdowns.
  • 20-30 FPS: Borderline: Can be OK in slow-paced games. Still, not optimal.
  • 30-45 FPS: Playable: Acceptable for most (most gaming consoles do this).
  • 45-60 FPS: Smooth: Fluid gameplay, with no perceivable stutters.
  • 60+ FPS: Very Smooth: For hardcore and professional players, a luxury for most.

We usually aim for 30 FPS, because 30 FPS is enough to guarantee a smooth and fluid experience for most casual gamers.

M1 Performance VS Intel Macs

This is how CS: GO runs on M1 Macs compared to equivalent Intel Macs:

Benchmarks 2020 M1 MacBook Air 2016 13-inch MacBook Pro Difference
Medium Settings & 800p 70 FPS 39 FPS +79%

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Mac download

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