Apple’s WWDC keynotes are usually uninteresting for Mac gamers. That all changed yesterday.

Besides the promise of much better graphics performance in the form of Apple’s Metal API, Epic Games came on stage to announce that their free-to-play online shooter Fortnite is coming to the Mac. In fact, it will be available this fall in the form of a closed beta.

Epic’s Bill Bramer made the reveal onstage.

On a statement made to Polygon, Epic confirmed they are “targeting desktops for Mac” and that “the Mac version will be supported along with PC for the closed beta that starts later this year.

Fortnite is a construct-and-defend sandbox game that aims to combine exploration, building, and action. Fortnite is a big departure from Epic’s Unreal Tournament or Gears of War games, but their plans show promise. To celebrate the new platform, Epic revealed a new gameplay trailer, including some actual gameplay:

Fortnite will use Apple’s Metal API and is set to debut on Mac this fall, in the form of a closed beta.