Get the Call of Duty Bundle 69% off (plus exclusive Giveaway!)

Update: The Giveaway is now over and the winner is James Brown! Thanks to everybody that was part of it and helped us spread the word. A special thank you to StackSocial, who helped us make this happen! And James, you should already have your COD Bundle code somewhere in your inbox ;) 


Stack Social keeps bringing Mac gamer friendly deals. After the Total War Bundle, the RollerCoaster Tyccon 3 deal and the Borderlands 2 sale, this month is all about Call of Duty. By now you should know how it goes: One new Stack Social gamer deal = One new Mac Gamer HQ giveaway! Yep, that’s how we roll ;).

For the next 5 days only, Stack Social is hosting the Call of Duty for Mac Bundle 67% off! It includes Call of Duty: Black Ops (check our review here), Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty 2 and all of Black Ops DLC! You can find the deal right here.

Also, don’t miss out our latest exclusive giveaway for Mac Gamer HQ readers at the bottom of this article.


Some of the best First-Person shooters on Mac

Brought to the Mac by Aspyr, the Call of Duty series need no introduction. The latest entries of the series are sadly not available  on the Mac, however this bundle includes every Call of Duty game available on the platform on one single bundle. If you don’t feel like doing the math, 67% off this bundle means you get all these games for $39 instead if $130. If you’re a FPS fan, it’s a no-brainer!

The Bundle includes:

Call of Duty: Black Ops

“Enhanced Multiplayer + Zombies!”

Black Ops art


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

“The game that introduced The Next Generation Of Combat”

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Mac


Call of Duty 2

“Fight In The Most Epic Battles Of WWII”

Call of Duty 2 Mac


Call of Duty: Black Ops – Annihilation & Escalation DLC

“Expand Your Battlefield WIth Ten New Maps”

Annihilation & Escalation Mac


Call of Duty: Black Ops – Rezurrection DLC

“Out Of This World Zombie-Slaying Fun”

Rezurrection DLC Mac

If you want to learn more about the Call of Duty series on the Mac, check out our guide: Call of Duty on Mac


Exclusive giveaway

Given the success of each and every one of our Giveaways, we have a new one, exclusively for you: 1 copy of the Call of Duty Bundle for Mac.

As always, all you need to do is use the widget below to participate. The more actions you perform, the higher your chances to win:
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At the end of the giveaway, Tuesday October 7th at midnight, a random winner will be selected.

Also, as the new policy around here is full disclosure, you should know some of these links are affiliate links. This means I will earn a commission if you buy this bundle through here. Don’t worry though, you still get the same price as everybody else, but you get to help us in the process!

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  • Kevin Hung

    More in depth stories on the mac gaming industry!

    • Mac Gamer Ric

      Thanks for the comment man! Do you mean like the history of Mac gaming? Or history about developers?

      • Kevin Hung

        I’m more interested in the transition of the mac gaming industry to what it is today. 5 years ago all the “big” titles I could play was AOE III COD4 SIM CITY4 and a handful of others and now it’s a plethora out there!

        • Mac Gamer Ric

          Good point, I too wonder what happened there… lol
          I really like the angle though, I will sure investigate it, thanks dude!

    • Mac Gamer Ric

      Noted, it’s time someone does a in-depth review of Mac gaming’s history!

  • David Munch

    More speculative articles, ie. what is your thoughts or people with insights, into the Mac gaming industry. Or just interviews with Mac gaming related people!

  • Mac Gamer Ric

    Cool, but what about the type of articles you would like to see next around here? :)

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    Mac gaming is where it’s at, as has been said by many already. Go more in depth with it!

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      Thanks for the comment man, that’s the whole question, go deeper ok, but how?

  • Christopher Mennuto

    I love the articles on the reviews and sale alerts. I like the idea of interviews returning and it would be fun to see more technology related news. I know a lot of designers, including myself, are looking into the new Mac Pro or 2013 Macbook Pro and I would be curious, in my downtime, how well it runs games, recommended settings, graphics cards, etc. Thanks for the contest as well!

    • Mac Gamer Ric

      Thanks a lot man! You angle there is great, the only thing is that we would need every Mac available to test them out :S
      But then if some of our readers are willing to share their benchmarks and experience, then that would be awesome! ;)

      • Christopher Mennuto

        I definitely would be interested in sharing some benchmarks. I am either going to get the new Macbook Pro or Mac Pro after released. I would be happy to send benchmarks when I have some free time!

  • Randy Liu

    The articles are all nice, so keep doing what you are doing already!

    • Mac Gamer Ric

      Thanks man!

  • RaviShah

    I’d like to learn more about how games are ported from windows to os x

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      Me too.. lol I should be able to land an interview with someone from one of the major porting companies. Stay tuned ;)

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      Top 5 strategy games on Mac… Now that would be awesome ;)

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  • Mac Gamer Ric

    Good that you say this, we have started doing those again, the most recent being Gone Home developers.

  • Mac Gamer Ric

    Did you see Tom Raider is coming to the Mac later this year ? ;)

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    Good point, this is one has been mentioned already so I can only assume the history of Mac gaming could be of interest for you guys…

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    Very good comment, we never talk about peripherals! Thanks you for the reminder!

  • Mac Gamer Ric

    Complete forgot about showing the winner in the widget. I have now updated the article but the winner was contacted by mail with his code a few weeks ago already!