During this year’s WWDC conference, Apple surprised the tech community by deprecating OpenGL.

Developers and informed enthusiasts saw the news as something good for MacOS. After all, OpenGL is in such a sorry state, it’s about time MacOS moves on to something better.

But Apple haters rejoiced in the idea that Mac gaming was as good as dead. Clearly, no developer would ever use Metal to bring their games to such a “tiny” platform. When confronted with the fact Vukan games can be ported to MacOS using MetalVK, they dismissed that too. No developer would ever waste its time with that. Right?

Elder Scrolls Online Meta Vulkanl

Developer ZeniMax Online revealed today that the Elder Scrolls Online for Mac will receive Metal support with the help of Vulkan and MoltenVK.

Expect even better performance and graphics

Skyrim is perhaps the game Mac users have requested the most over the years. It seemed like all hope of ever getting an Elder Scrolls game on Mac was lost. But then the Elder Scrolls Online happened. It was the first game in the series to support Multiplayer and MacOS.

We reviewed the game a few months ago and found that it was a surprisingly good Mac port. It had a few bugs here and there but the performance was acceptable on all of our tests machines, including older MacBook Pros and Mac Minis.

Elder Scrolls Online Results

The Elder Scrolls Online is already an excellent game and we’re happy to hear ZeniMax has plans to make it even better on Mac. According to their newly updated FAQ:

We have switched the Mac renderer from OpenGL to MoltenVK (Metal) to support the upcoming release of the upcoming MacOS Mojave. To support these changes, we will be updating the minimum specifications for all Mac players in Update 20.

These changes will be part of Update 20, expected early November the latest, will also result in slightly higher system requirements:

  • Model: Late-2013 27-inch iMac and Newer
  • Hard Disk Space: 85 GB free HDD space

Given how Valve accomplished a 50% performance improvement on Dota 2 for Mac using Vulkan, we have high hopes for this update. As soon as the update is out, we will test the game and share the results with you.

Should we call this an exception or the beginning of a new trend? What do you think?