SimCity for Mac release date announced but is it too little too late?

Today, EA and Maxis finally announced the final release date for the Mac version of their newest simulation game SimCity: August 29th.

From our previous post:

SimCity will be coming to the Mac on June 11th exclusively as a digital release via Origin and other online retailers. Fans who purchase SimCity will be able to play the game on Mac and PC, regardless of which version they buy, as well as access their cities from across both platforms. Players who have previously purchased SimCity for PC, either as a physical or a digital copy will receive the Mac version as a free digital download on Origin*.

The good news? If you alread have the game for PC, you will be able to play the Mac version too. This may sound obvious but is not always the case for many PC games that later come to the Mac. Also, the Mac version will include all the updates and bug fixes the PC version currently has.

As a Mac gamer, these news should make me happy. We finally have an official release date! But the truth is, I’m not happy at all, quite the opposite in fact. Since day one, Mac users have been treated bad and it just keeps getting worse.


How not to treat your customers

EA and Maxis pretty much screwed everything up when they released SimCity for PC on March 5th, 2013: Full of bugs, server outages, the worst DRM ever seen and more. We talked about it then and hoped they would learn from their mistakes.

Obviously, they didn’t. Not only was SimCity for Mac delayed 2 times, but feedback to Mac gamers has been practically inexistent. Twitter user @GamingWoes and myself (among many others) have been harrasing EA and Maxis for months to get some information. The Result? nothing, most of the times complete silence. Talk about bad PR.

We all know how it works. Projects, products and launches get delayed, that’s life, I get it. However, delaying the game close to 3 times and not saying anything to your customers while still taking their money (enticing Mac gamers to pre-order the game)? Now that’s not right.

We will not go as far as our friends from Control Command Escape (they have decided to completely ignore SimCity from now on) but I still think EA is treating the Mac platform like crap. I do believe Maxis on the other hand, the actual developer, did the best game they could but had to comply with EA’s requests (such as DRM for example).

Mac Games - SimCity

Feelings aside, what’s worst is that people actually preordered the game back in March because of the false hopes of a same day PC / Mac release. Since, the game has been on sale at least once but buyers are stuck with their useless pre-orders! We have asked EA and Maxis what they plan to do with this on Twitter. Will they offer an “apology” bonus? We willl get back to you when we hear back from them (if they do, for a change).

Anyway, this will definitely not improve EA’s perception: a faceless corporation who doesn’t care about making games but just wants to make easy money. We have tried to understand them before but it just gets harder and harder to take their side.

Rant aside, are you excited to finally be able to play SimCity on your Mac? Do you also feel EA is not treating the Mac platform right? It would be really cool to have your opinion on this one.

  • Ninja Foodstuff


    As a “sincere thank you”, Maxis will extend the availability of the SimCity Launch Park to all players who have bought the Mac version.

    • Mac Gamer Ric

      Yeah I heard about that the first time they postponed the game… Don’t know if they have confirmed it will still be the case. In any case, I would expect more now that they game was postponed close to 2 months more….