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10 Best Old Mac games: Revisiting the classics

Before digital downloads, finding the best Mac games wasn’t always easy. They were out there, but the Mac section of the computer game stores (they used to have those) seemed to stock nothing but “Mario Teaches Typing,” and the games that included Mac and Windows versions would inevitably be scattered around the “PC” sections of the store. As such, compiling a list of the best classic Mac games is pretty tough. That didn’t stop us from doing it. And because we want you to actually play these games, we made sure you can still buy them all in either...

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The 11 Best Simulation Games for Mac

The 11 Best Simulation Games for Mac Want a change from the sci-fi adventures, the reckless shooting or the fantasy quests most games deal with? Then today you’re in luck: The Mac is full of top-notch simulation games to try. Whilst it is undeniably fun to play games for escapism, simulation games allow players to experience something from the real world. From being the mayor of a city to managing a football team, these games require patience and a bit of brainpower to get the most from them. GameNameGenreRequirementsMetascore Rollercoaster Tycoon 3Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 PlatinumSimulation✅ Low81 Grid AutosportGrid AutosportRacing⚠️️...

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The Best War Games for Mac

“War, huh, what is it good for?” – Edwin Star, War from the album War and Peace Well… apparently, it’s good for good times. War games are all over the map. So, to honor our ever-present source of joy and soul-crushing doom, Mac Gamer HQ presents you with a four-star general overview of the best war games for Mac. As always, we’re going for different styles and genres, as well as different price points and system requirements. We aim to help you discover great new games and perhaps one of these will be perfect for you: GameNameGenreRequirementsMetascore Total War:...

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The 5 Best Multiplayer Games for Mac

You might well ask “What could possibly be better than playing an amazing game on your own?” Short answer: Playing that amazing game with others online! Not only is online gaming a place to really test your mettle, but teaming up with other people can be a more interactive and enjoyable experience. Mac gamers have many options to choose from when it comes to great online multiplayer games. Whether you’re after open-world, FPS, racing, or RPG titles, you don’t have to go far to find something that will keep you entertained for countless hours. We want to showcase some...

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Worms Revolution Mac review

Team17 is a name that might not sound familiar to you, but odds are you have had a run in with them at least once or twice as you grew up playing video games. Being one of the longest surviving indie studios around, they have probably put some content in front of your face before and you didn’t even know it. They have been developing games since 1990 and one game franchise, in particular, has been their claim to fame. Yes, most of us who have been playing video games for a while have played or at least heard of Worms. Over...

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