This update was long overdue, but we now have confirmation that Mafia 3’s Mac version is coming soon.

According to Aspyr Media, the game is scheduled for 2017.

I first reported Mafia 3 was coming to consoles and Windows in June 2016, but little else was known at the time.

Besides an out of the record confirmation from 2K at last year’s Gamescom event, it was still unknown when the Mac version of the game would be released and who would be in charge of the port.

But everything is clear now:

Mafia 3 is an action-adventure game set in New Orleans in 1968. The game will be open-world and is supposed to give you a lot of freedom. It will let you explore the city, but also give you different ways to complete quests. You will have the choice between going in guns blazing or use stealth to go unnoticed by your enemies.

In any case, the game will offer a third-person perspective and a cover system to make both approaches fun to play. Besides gunplay, the game will also feature melee combat, a system that will let you interrogate enemies and more.

The game will be the third installment in the Mafia series and the debut title for developer Hangar 13.


Mafia 3 for Mac: A new challenge for Aspyr

Aspyr is one of the oldest Mac porting companies out there and I have no doubt they have the skill and experience needed for the job. Still, Mafia 3’s Mac version will be a new challenge for them.

After all, Mafia 2 was handled by Feral Interactive, who also ported Sleeping Dogs and Mad Max, two very large open-world games. Aspyr has less experience in that regard. Granted, they have done lots of first-person shooters and strategy games, but this would be their first attempt at a modern open-world game.

In any case, I can’t wait until we finally get a definitive release date and, eventually, a first glimpse of the Mac version.

Are you a Mafia fan? Will you be getting this one when it comes out?