This is a surprise. Mafia 3 is coming to PS4, Xbox One, Windows and Mac.

The news went undetected, but it was confirmed during last year’s Gamescom event, one of the biggest video-game fairs in the World.

French online magazine MacG took it upon itself to ask 2K Games, the game’s publisher. 2K confirmed Mafia 3’s Mac version, and now Polygon has too.

The game is planned for October 7, but it’s not clear when the Mac version will be released (t’s almost always l).

Mafia 3 is an action-adventure game set in New Orleans in 1968. The game will be open-world and is supposed to give you a lot of freedom. It will let you explore the city, but also give you different ways to complete quests. You will have the choice between going in guns blazing, or use stealth to go unnoticed by your enemies.

In any case, the game will offer a third-person perspective and a cover system to make both approaches fun to play. Besides gun-play, the game will also feature melee combat, a system that will let you interrogate enemies and more.

The game will be the third installment in the Mafia series and the debut title for developer Hangar 13.


So who’s doing the Mac version?

Mafia 2’s Mac port was handled by Feral Interactive, but if a new developer is taking the lead, then Mafia 3 could go both ways. Either Hangar 13 develops it in-house or they let Feral handle it (although we know Feral is already very busy with other projects).

You may notice that if you do a Google search looking for more information on Mafia 3’s Mac version, there’s absolutely nothing to be found. I got in touch with the developer for more information. Stay-tuned.

Are you a Mafia fan? Will you be getting this one when it comes out?