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by | Mar 19, 2021 | Opinion

By now, you’ve realized that your Mac does so much more than just being a general computer. It’s great to use for work, video chats, and for streaming services, too. But of course, it’s also a good contender to act as a gaming console. While it’s still finding its feet, there are many games for Mac users to enjoy, so if you love the Apple computer and find it as intuitive and easy-to-use as we do, then you’ll love gaming on it.

But when you do play, are you doing everything you can to ensure you’re safe? With so much going on in the digital world in the realm of cybercrime, you never know how safe you can be, even when you’re gaming. So we’ve put some tips together to keep your Mac protected when you’re playing your favorite games, whether it’s Minecraft or World of Warcraft.

#1 – Keep your system updated

Apple is known for its hardened approach to security. Its legions of users and fans often sing the praises of the stringent security measures that are in-built, meaning no additional software is usually required. And while that may be true to an extent, the only way you can make sure your Mac is as safe as it can be is to make sure it’s regularly updated.

Operating Systems go through numerous updates or complete overhauls, and you’ll get reminders to tell you to update. Even though this could be a pain, it could take a long time, and it’d eat into your gaming time; it’s essential that you do it. That way, your Mac will have all the latest defenses that Apple has released, and you’ll be able to concentrate on killing everyone in Counter-Strike.

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#2 – Open up more space

Just like you’ve probably experienced with your iPhone, it’s easy to run out of space. Having that message pop up to tell you there’s no storage can be a hassle, and it’s no different on the Mac. Messages telling you that there’s not enough disk space can lead to a frantic scramble as you search for things to delete or move to an external hard drive or the cloud. This is especially frustrating if you’re trying to download and run a new game.

However, in a way, this can also work in your favor. First off, you’ll be putting any sensitive documents such as videos or photos that are stored on your Mac in a new, safer location. But more importantly, you’ll be clearing up that valuable space. And this is particularly important when it comes to gaming because you want your games to run smoothly. This may not be an issue if you get the best Mac for gaming.

You certainly don’t want any lag, slow loading times, nor do you want your Mac itself to generally feel sluggish. This could have a lead-on impact if you go online, making your browsing experience cumbersome, and it’d be easier for you to click on the wrong sites or open up a spam web page before you realize what it is.

#3 – Good, old fashioned anti-virus software

There’s a lot to choose from when you head to the Apple Store. But if you really want to make sure your Mac doesn’t run the risk of getting any viruses, then it’s probably worth paying out for the real deal. Big-name brands do tend to offer better results and won’t spam you like the free apps available. It’ll also offer you peace of mind when you’re playing online.

#4 – Try a VPN

You could get a VPN for Mac like CyberGhost and then use it to mask your IP address whenever you go online. Not only is this a great way to protect your privacy and prevent hackers from gaining access to your system, but there are other perks too. Super-fast servers mean better speed for games you play online, and you can even explore other gaming content in different countries.

#5 – Go back in time

Have you been using Time Machine as a backup for your Mac? If you haven’t, it’s a great way to give you a feeling of confidence, knowing that your files are saved somewhere. Especially if those files include your saved games or gaming data. In the event of disconnection or your Mac crashes and you lose your current progress, there’s always the potential for you to go back and find your previous information.

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#6 – Dare we say it…try Windows?

Not explicitly, of course. But it lets you run the program on your Mac, so all the Windows-associated software and perks will come with it. While we may be loath to admit it, Windows does have the advantage when it comes to gaming, so why not use it and a combination of its protection and Apple’s OS to get the very best?

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