Feral Interactive just announced that DiRT Rally, the acclaimed rally simulation game, is finally available for macOS.

Released on November 16, 2017, and developed by Codemasters for Windows and consoles, DiRT Rally is one of the most authentic rally game ever made. And besides sporting amazing graphics, it fully utilizes Apple’s Metal graphics API.

This means this is one great-looking game that can easily run on a MacBook Pro. We tested the game on four different machines for our Dirt Rally Mac Performance Review and they all did surprisingly well.

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With a sophisticated handling and high-risk, high-reward gameplay, the game will challenge you to learn and master three different disciplines: Rally, Rallycross, and Hillclimb.

This port has been on standby for a long time (first covered in March 2016 when it was still a rumor, like the iPhone X). Yet, it seems the release of High Sierra was a game changer as DiRT Rally will support Metal 2, Apple’s latest graphics API.

PS: I hope Metal 2 will give Feral the tools it needs to complete Deus Ex: Mankind Divided…

DiRT Rally on Mac: Everything you need to know

These are the game’s minimum system requirements:

  • 1.8GHz Intel Core i3 processor
  • OS 10.13
  • 8GB RAM
  • 1GB Nvidia 650, 2GB AMD Radeon M290, Intel HD 4000 graphics card or better.

The game is supported on these machines:

  • All 13” MacBook Pros released since mid-2012
  • All 15” MacBook Pros released since mid-2012 with a 1GB graphics card or better
  • All Mac Minis released since late 2012
  • All 21.5” iMacs released since late 2013
  • All 27” iMacs released since late 2012 with a 1GB graphics card or better
  • All Mac Pros released since Mid 2010 with an AMD 7950

Finally, all MacBooks released since 2016 will be capable of running the game, but may not deliver the best out of it in terms of performance, graphics, and stability.

But is it too late?

Some call DiRT Rally Codemasters’ best racing game to date. IIt has an impressive 86/100 Metascore, over 40 of the most iconic cars and six massive rallies with over 70 stages. It will easily earn a spot among the best racing games on macOS.

But that was last year. Before DiRT 4 was released. According to Game Informer:

Dirt Rally was an amazing title that simply lacked features. Dirt 4 doesn’t merely fill some of those holes; it gives the franchise a rich backdrop that makes the game the best in the series.

Not securing the latest DiRT game is disappointing, but I understand Feral’s situation.

Dirt Rally Mac gameplay

They’ve been struggling with Metal for over a year. DiRT Rally’s Linux version was released in March 2016 and probably the plan was to release the macOS version shortly after. But Apple’s OpenGL implementation was too old and Metal was too new to finish the job.

Now Metal is finally ready and shelving the whole project would have been a shame. I say bring it.

Will you be buying this one? Let us know in the comments section.


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