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Dirt Rally is coming to Mac this Year

Feral Interactive announced today that DiRT Rally, the acclaimed rally simulation game, is coming to macOS later this year.

Developed and published by Codemasters for Windows and consoles, DiRT Rally is one of the most authentic rally game ever made. With a sophisticated handling and high-risk, high-reward gameplay, the game will challenge you to learn and master three different disciplines:

  • The point-to-point races of Rally
  • The tight circuits of Rallycross
  • The legendary slopes of Hillclimb

This port has been in standby for a long time (I first covered it in March 2016 when it was still a mystery, like the iPhone). Yet, it seems the release of macOS High Sierra was a game changer as DiRT Rally will support Metal 2, Apple’s latest graphics API.

This is similar to what happened between Total War: Warhammer and macOS 10.12.4. Metal needed some key features that prevented Feral from completing their ports and fans wondered why Linux ports kept coming out while Mac users had to wait.

Since, F1 2016, BioShock Remastered, and F1 2017 have been released, all supporting Metal.

I wondered why DiRT Rally and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided were still missing. Clearly, Metal was still lacking some features and I hope Metal 2 has what it takes to complete Mankind Divided too…


But is it too late?

Dirt Rally was Codemasters‘ best entry so far. In fact, some even called it their best racing game to date (including the F1 and GRID series). But that was last year. Since, Codemasters released DiRT 4, a game that aims to be a better and more complete experience.

According to Game Informer:

Dirt Rally was an amazing title that simply lacked features. Dirt 4 doesn’t merely fill some of those holes; it gives the franchise a rich backdrop that makes the game the best in the series.

It also has a new identity beyond the multiple racing disciplines.

Not securing the latest DiRT game is clearly a shame for users, but I understand Feral’s situation.

They’ve been struggling with Metal for more than a year. The Linux version was released in March 2016 and probably the plan was to release the Mac version shortly after. Apple’s OpenGL implementation was too old and Metal was too new to finish the job.

Apple’s OpenGL implementation was too old and Metal was too new to finish the job. Metal is finally ready and shelving the whole thing would be a shame.

I say bring DiRT Rally to Mac.

It’s still a great game with an 86/100 Metascore, over 40 of the most iconic cars and six massive rallies with over 70 stages. It will easily earn a spot among the best racing games on macOS.

I just ask: Please close the deal for DiRT 4 and bring it as soon as possible 🙂

DiRT Rally for macOS will be available from the Feral Store and Steam for $59.99, and from the Mac App Store for $44.99.

  • Raimonds Talcis

    Codemasters is very lazy developers. Dirt 3 is a long game but when you are over 30% you all have seen. Tracks strats to repeat. The same situation was with Dirt 2 and Dirt. I hope Dirt Rally will change this.

    • Ric

      Hope so too. I have never played that much of previous Dirts to see the issue, but can’t say I’m surprised.

  • max

    Hi ! do you have some news about Dirt Rally for Mac ? I don’t find anything on game websites… Thanks

  • Thomas Bodlien

    I have played through Grid 2 and Dirt 3.
    I am currently playing Grid Autosport.