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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is Still coming to Mac

Are you worried Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for Mac isn’t happening anymore?

After all, the game was officially announced by Feral Interactive over a year ago and not much more has been said since…

But don’t fret, Mankind Divided for Mac is still coming:

This is great, as Mankind Divided is the follow-up to one of the best games you can play on Mac.

Just like its predecessor, Mankind Divided is a shooter that offers choice. Missions can be tackled in myriad different ways, with multiple routes and tactical options available. You can use hacking, stealth or brute force. Heard the complaints that shooters have become too scripted? Deus Ex games are here to save us.

That said, I still go for brute force (as I do with every shooter)…

The game also has strong RPG elements that let you customize Jensen’s augmentations to suit your play style.

The reviews are good so far and you can expect a reliable and smooth port from Feral Interactive.


But what is taking so long?

Why don’t we still have a Mac version when the Linux version was released close to one year ago?

You probably know the answer to that: Apple’s Metal API.

Metal was missing some key features that prevented Feral from delivering Mac ports up to their standards. Feral had this to say back in January 2017:

It’s likely you’ll see games for Linux and iOS popping up, but that doesn’t mean we’re putting any less effort into bringing games to Mac.

Quite the opposite, we’re working like technodwarfs to bring you Total War: WARHAMMER, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and several other great games the way we all want them — finished, polished, and running as well as they can.

But then in March, MacOS 10.12.4 was released and many Metal-enable games started to appear, including Feral’s own Total War: Warhammer and F1 2017.

Is Metal still missing features that are preventing Feral from releasing Mankind Divided and DiRT Rally?

I’ll ask, but I can already tell you we will never know… Most developers prefer not to share specifics, especially if it concerns Apple’s own efforts.


2017 is still shaping up to be a great year

I can’t say Mankind Divided was a big surprise. Feral Interactive did port the original Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Life is Strange, also a Square Enix game. There’s clearly a good relationship between Feral and their London neighbors and I hope they’ll resolve the last remaining issues soon.

2017 already includes extremely good Mac games. Mankind Divided and Dirt Rally would be enough to round-up what is already a great year for Mac gaming.

Are you Deus Ex fan? Were you expecting this one to come to the Mac?

  • ikir

    Can’t wait for it