Could it be that Overwatch for Mac is finally happening? After all, every other Blizzard has ever made is available on Mac, so why not Overwatch?

Overwatch wouldn’t just instantly become one of the best FPS games for Mac, it would be the hottest games the platform has received in a long time. And it seems this could become a reality.

Overwatch Mac release

Reddit users have found a way to install it on MacOS. And even though the game remains unplayable, many concluded Blizzard could be working on it. Apple Insider went ahead and performed more tests to confirm the installer was properly signed by Blizzard. You can even download an 8.75 GB package that is recognized by

The thing is, the downloaded files are useless…

The “Blizzard is working on it” theory also makes sense because Jeff Kaplan, VP at Blizzard, said earlier this year they were “open-minded” to it:

I will not say that it’s definite…that we will never be on Mac.

We are open minded to it, we just need the priorities of our development process to line up with the capabilities of the platform in order for it to become a reality.

So could Blizzard be preparing for a surprise launch?

Don’t get your hopes up

Following up their story, Polygon went ahead and reached out to Blizzard, who just said the team had “nothing to announce at this time.”

That could mean anything and we could still hope for the best. Except Gadget 360 actually interviewed Tim Ford, lead engineer for Overwatch, who said:

We have no plans of giving this game on the Mac.

There are several technology decisions that Apple has made that has made it a little difficult for us to release Overwatch in the way we want it to be consumed, and that is why we haven’t pursued it.

So there you have it, this isn’t happening anytime soon. And if you’re desperate for a quality hero shooter, you can always try the surprisingly excellent free-to-play Paladins.

Is Apple to blame?

Ford’s statement was understandable when Apple only supported old OpenGL versions. But with the arrival of Metal, and especially Metal 2, we expected this would change.

Metal 2 partners

If Apple managed to convince Unreal and Unity to bring VR onboard, perhaps they could work with Blizzard to bring one game to their platform?

If Parallels managed to join forces with Blizzard to support Overwatch using Parallels 12, just imagine what Apple could do if they tried…