Guys, I have a problem… Sometimes, there are simply too many Mac games to cover! Really, I’m not joking.

I admire guys like Liam from Gaming On Linux, pumping out news 20 times a day. I, unfortunately, cannot do that (need a day job to pays the bills).

But that’s no excuse. You believing nothing is going on with Mac gaming because no one mentions anything would be a damn shame. To remedy that, here’s an overview of the most exciting Mac games I’ve discovered recently.

Top Mac games coming soon

This, coupled with an always up-to-date release calendar, should ensure that you always know what new games are coming.

And now on to the upcoming Mac games that should be on your radar:

SteamWorld Dig 2

SteamWorld Dig 2 MacWe might as well start with the one coming next. SteamWorld Dig 2 is a platform mining adventure about digging deep, gaining riches, and exploring an underworld filled with dangers.

Taking place between the first game and SteamWorld Heist, SteamWorld Dig 2 aims to improve a proven formula with key additions such as the ability to reassign cogs used to upgrade various gear, more fluid movements, more meaningful boss battles, and more. You can read more about it here.

Release date: September 22, 2017


Tannenberg Mac artFrom the creators of the first-person shooter Verdun, comes Tannenberg, another shooter set in WW1. Although this time the game takes place across the lakes, forests, and snowy plains of the Eastern Front – it was inspired by the Battle of Tannenberg in 1914, one of the most iconic encirclement battles in history.

Tannenberg will feature a fresh experience for new and veteran players alike, with new squads and weapons, open maps that give players tactical freedom, and a whole new 64 player game mode! You can read more about it here.

Release date: November 16, 2017

Tropico 6

Tropico 6 MacEl Presidente is coming back! The beloved dictatorship simulator will return next year and will bring with it the gameplay and mechanics you would expect from the city-building series.

This time though, you’ll also be able to play on archipelagos, send agents on raids to steal world wonders and monuments, build new transportation and infrastructure (you can finally build a bridge!), customize the look of your palace, give election speeches, and more. You can read more about it here.

Release date: 2018

Industries of Titan

Industries of Titan MacFrom the creators of the beloved Crypt of the NecroDancer (one of the best Mac games out there) comes this building simulator set on Saturn’s moon.

In Industries of Titan, you get to design your own cities, build factories, and manage their economy. But you will also need to protect your cities by designing battleships and engage in tactical combat against hostiles. This game is an ambitious project and I’m glad to know it’s in good hands. You can read more about it here.

Release date: 2018

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Pillars of Eternity 2 MacRemember how the original Pillars of Eternity broke records on Kickstarter raising close to $4 Million? Well, Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire went with Fig instead of Kickstarter and raised nonetheless $4,4 Million. 400% of the initial goal.

It seems Pillars of Eternity 2 aims to improve and surpass everything the original did. Developer Obsidian promises a  more reactive world (that will be influenced by your actions), new and returning companions, dynamic weather, and more. The original Pillars of Eternity is one of the best RPGs available on Mac and I can’t wait to see what Obsidian will deliver. You can read more about it here.

Release date: Q1 2018

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

The Walking Dead Final Season MacEvery franchise Telltale Games touches turns into gold. They are doing it with Batman, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Minecraft, The Game of Thrones, and others. They are all good adventure games with amazing story-telling, but nothing comes close to their take on The Walking Dead.

It seems that epic story will be concluded soon, as Telltale recently revealed The Walking Dead: The Final Season. This final entry shall focus on Clementine once again. Let us hope they’ll be able to deliver a satisfying conclusion worthy of their best games so far. You can read more about it here.

Release date: 2018

The Wolf Among Us 2

The Wolf Among Us 2 MacAfter three years and many, many requests, Telltale Games finally announced that The Wolf Among Us 2 is happening and is coming to macOS next year. And given the success the first game had, I’m not surprised fans wanted more.

Bigby Wolf, the hero of the first game, will return and you can expect him to face tougher and tougher choices. New episodes will arrive in late 2018 and will feature a new “standalone” story, meaning that Telltale sadly won’t explore the first game’s finale tease. You can read more about it here.

Release date: Late 2018


MXGP3 MacIf you’ve been wondering what Virtual Programming has been up to, they’ve been quietly working on MXGP3: The Official Motocross Videogame. It’s been a long time since macOS got a proper Motocross game and MXGP3 seems to be the real deal.

Already released on Windows, MXGP3 features completely new gameplay and graphics thanks to Unreal Engine 4. You can race on the 18 official tracks with all riders and bikes from the 2016 MXGP and MX2 seasons. And if that’s not enough for you, you can also customize your rider and bike with over 300 official components. You can read more about it here.

Release date: End 2017?

Sociable Soccer

Sociable Soccer MacSociable Soccer is a new game from the creator of the super popular Sensible Soccer from the 90s. Sociable Soccer is a fusion of old-fashioned arcade playability and modern technology and aims to be fast, fun, easy to play.

This a really fast game where every second really counts. Now, we don’t know if Sociable Soccer will ultimately make it to macOS, but thanks to your efforts, it could.

Release date: End 2017?

Black Mirror

Black Mirror MacKING Art Games, the studio known for The Book of Unwritten Tales and The Dwarves, is working on a modern re-imagining of Black Mirror, the acclaimed gothic-horror adventure series.

This reboot will tell a new story and will feature modern graphics, high-quality voicing, and a peculiar new gameplay element: interactions with vision-like apparitions. You can read more about it here.

Release date: November 28, 2017


Frostpunk MacFrom the creators of the stellar This War of Mine comes Frostpunk, a city-survival game set in a frozen world. In Frostpunk, people have developed a steam-powered technology to oppose the overwhelming cold and it will be your job to create a city that can outlive it.

Frostpunk is about fighting the elements and facing tough ethical decisions as you form a society. The concept here sounds similar to This War of Mine’s, except Frostpunk will be a much bigger game. This War of Mine was built by 12 people; Frostpunk is being worked on by 60. You can read more about it here.

Release date: End 2017

Football Manager 2018

Football Manager 2018 MacIt’s no surprise the number 1 football simulator will be back this year, but it’s good to hear that the Mac version is already confirmed.

Not much is known about the new features FM 2018 will introduce, but if you pre-order the game, you’ll get early access to a fully playable beta version at least two weeks before the official release. Progress in single-player careers will carry across to the full game. If you’re a huge FM fan, you know what to do. You can read more about it here.

Release date: November 10, 2017

Chucklefish’s magic school RPG

Magic School RPG MacChucklefish, Starbound’s creator and Stardew Valley’s publisher, just teased a new game. Not much has been revealed so far, except it will be a magic school RPG and it will share a lot of the aesthetics and cuteness of Stardew Valley.

According to Chucklefish, you can expect the game to include magic, crafting, potion making and farming. “Expect to have a lot to do in the final game, but to progress regardless of the activity,” said Chucklefish founder Finn “Tiy” Brice. You can read more about it here.

Release date: 2018?

And these are some of the highlights 2017 and 2018 have already in store for us. For more exciting upcoming games for Mac, you know where to go…

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Previous entries

Top Mac games from August 2017

September 2, 2017 – They say Summer is always quiet when it comes to new releases, but this August was the busiest month so far this year.

I know, I tend to easily get excited when it comes to new Mac games, but just look at the list below!

Plus, keep in mind that I take my “curator” job very seriously and only highlight the most noteworthy and exciting releases (I counted over 170 new games for Mac on Steam released last month).

Mac OS games of August 2017

And so to prevent you missing the few good games from the not so good ones, here are the 16 most exciting new Mac games from August 2017.

PS: For the ultimate list of the best new games for macOS and the most anticipated ones, visit this page.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

XCOM 2 War of the Chosen MacBarely a few days later than the Windows release, Feral released War of the Chosen for Mac, XCOM 2’s latest and most ambitious DLC so far. In fact, many claim this to be the ultimate XCOM experience.

War of the Chosen is packed full of new enemies, factions, missions, environments and more depth. And more importantly, it introduces The Chosen, the most dangerous enemies XCOM has ever seen.

Released August 31, 2017.

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK Survival Evolved MacARK: Survival Evolved is an incredible first-person survival game that lets you can gather resources, craft weapons, build a fortress, tame dinosaurs and much more. Taking place in a huge island habited by other human players, this game feels like an MMO disguised as a shooter.

After many years in Steam Early Access, the game is now out and ready to shine. Controversies aside (such as releasing paid DLC when the game was still in Early Access beta), this game has grown to become quite an achievement. You can download it from Steam.

Released August 29, 2017.

F1 2017

F1 2017 MacFeral Interactive surprised us with F1 2016 a few months ago. It was nice to get a Formula 1 game after so long (the last one being F1 2013), but they truly outdid themselves with the release of F1 2017 for Mac on the same day as the Windows version.

Along with stunning locations, a huge career mode, and new game modes, this is the most complete F1 experience to come to macOS, with all the drivers, teams, circuits and cars from the real-world F1 2017 season. You can download it from Steam.

Released August 25, 2017.

BioShock Remastered

BioShock Remastered Mac artTo celebrate the original game’s 10th anniversary, Feral Interactive released BioShock Remastered. Along with the original’s sublime atmosphere and solid gameplay, BioShock Remastered features improved graphics going all the way to 5K resolutions.

Originally developed by Irrational Games, BioShock is a now classic FPS set in the decaying underwater city of Rapture. You can download it from the Mac App Store.

Released August 22, 2017.

Sudden Strike 4

Sudden Strike 4 MacAfter almost a decade since a proper sequel, Sudden Strike is back and supports Mac for the first time. And it comes to macOS on the same day as on Windows!

Featuring three extensive campaigns set in World War II, Sudden Strike 4 is a real-time strategy game that puts you at the helm of over 100 different units. It also features bigger battlefields, more units, better graphics, new scenarios and legendary commanders with unique abilities. You can download it from the Mac App Store.

Released August 11, 2017.


Pyre MacPyre is the latest indie hit from Supergiant Games. Supergiant may ring a bell and that’s because they’re the team behind Bastion and Transistor, two world-class games. Expectations surrounding their third game were obviously high, but they delivered.

In Pyre, your character was banished from civilization and the only way to come back is to win competitive matches in sacred courts. What sounds like a fantasy game feels more like a sports game, a terrific party-based sports game to be exact. You can download it from Steam.

Released August 3, 2017.

Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher MacAfter a time on Steam’s Early Access program, Slime Ranger is now available on Mac. This is a really fun and original game about a rancher that makes a living wrangling slimes. The rancher can accomplish that through a combination of canons, vacuums, and more.

The game’s premise may sound weird, but with over 10,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, you can rest assured Slime Rancher is lots of fun. You download it from Steam.

Released August 1, 2017.

The Long Dark

The Long Dark MacThe Long Dark is an exploration-survival experience that challenges players as they explore a frozen wilderness in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

I personally tested The Long Dark a few months ago and found it to be a promising and beautiful game. You could sense the game could be so much fun if there was more to actually do.

The game is now out of Early Access and seeing everything the full game features (especially that five-episode story mode), I can honestly recommend it to anyone now. You can download it from Steam.

Released August 1, 2017.


Tacoma MacTacoma is finally available and we were lucky enough to get it on Mac on the same day as the Windows version.

Set in a deserted space station, Tacoma tells the story of what happened there and where everyone went. And just like Gone Home, Fullbright Studio’s first indie hit, Tacoma is clearly a narrative-focused game, but you can expect an engaging and fascinating story. Some called it Gone Home in Space, but Tacoma is much more than that. You can download it from Steam.

Released August 1, 2017.

Batman: The Enemy Within

Batman The Enemy Within MacSetting aside the fact Mac users never got to play Batman: The Telltale Series, I’m excited to see that the sequel was released for Mac and on the same day as on Windows.

From Telltale Games, creators of some of the most engaging adventure games out there, comes Batman: The Enemy Within, a tale full of hard choices and consequences the Dark Knight will have to endure. The first episode is now out, with the second one to follow in a few months. You can download it from Steam.

Released August 8, 2017.

Other noteworthy releases:

The Escapists 2

The Escapist 2 MacPerhaps the ultimate prison sandbox experience, The Escapist 2 for Mac is not about building the ultimate prison, it’s about escaping it.

Plus, The Escapist 2 features multiplayer for the first time, allowing you and a friend to bust out of the toughest prisons in the world. You can download it from Steam.

Released August 21, 2017.


Darkwood MacThis top-down survival game provides a new perspective on horror games. Plus, the fact the devs put it willingly on The Pirate Bay makes it even more interesting!

In Darkwood, you’ll scavenge and explore a rich, ever-changing world by day, then hunker down in your hideout and pray for the morning light. You can download it from Steam.

Released August 17, 2017.

Subsurface Circular

Subsurface Circular MacFrom Thomas Was Alone creator comes this text adventure game. In Subsurface Circular, a detective stationed on the Subsurface Circular investigates a series of disappearances among the city’s robotic working class.

Collect words and phrases, then use them in dialogue puzzles to uncover the world’s secrets and determine its future. This is a game that can be played in one sitting, but the price makes it still a good buy. You can download it from Steam.

Released August 17, 2017.

Nidhogg 2

Nidhogg 2 MacSequel to the indie hit of 2014, Nidhogg 2 is an action/fighting game that builds upon its predecessor’s gameplay with new weapons, character customization, and captivatingly grotesque art.

The rules are simple. Reach the other side and kill anyone that stands in your way. You can download it from Steam.

Released August 15, 2017.

West of Loathing

West of Loathing Mac

West of Loathing is a single-player adventure RPG set in the wild west. This is a comedy game that doesn’t take itself too seriously as you head west to seek your fortune.

Yet, West of Loathing’s humor is so warm and clever, you’ll never get enough of it. You can download it from Steam.

Released August 10, 2017.

Your turn

Looking what to play next? I’m sure one of these games should scratch that itch.


Upcoming Mac games that should be on your watch list

July 25, 2017 – I usually just update the calendar without making too much noise. Sometimes I round-up the best new games of the month. But I thought it was about time we also highlight and celebrate the exciting games that have been confirmed for Mac.

As always, you can find the complete list of new and upcoming games over at our New Mac Games calendar, but in the meantime, these are some cool upcoming games we should all add to our watch list:

New entries:

The Escapists 2: Perhaps the ultimate prison sandbox experience, The Escapist 2 for Mac is not about building the ultimate prison, it’s about escaping it. The game will let you craft, steal, fight, and basically, do what needs to be done to escape. Plus, The Escapist 2 will feature multiplayer for the first time, allowing you and a friend to bust out of the toughest prisons in the world.

Nidhogg 2: Sequel to the indie hit of 2014, Nidhogg 2 is an action/fighting game that builds upon the gameplay of its predecessor with new weapons, character customization, and captivatingly grotesque art. The rules are simple. Reach the other side and kill anyone that stands in your way.

Next Up Hero: Next Up Hero for Mac is a multiplayer game, unlike anything you’ve played before. This arcade action-adventure game features Community Continue, a mechanic that lets players take turns fighting and dying against tough-as-nails monsters, one hero at a time. You can revive fallen heroes to fight by your side, build your army, and take out the boss together.

Avorion: Avarion for Mac is an exciting co-op space game that lets you build your own spaceships out of dynamically scalable blocks. Already available on Steam Early Access (and killing it according to the user reviews), you’ll be able to fight epic space battles, explore, mine, trade, wage wars and build your own empire.

Games that finally have a release date:

Tooth and Tail: From the creators of Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine comes Tooth and Tail, an arcadey real-time strategy game. Set in a world of animal revolution, Tooth and Tail boils down to a few buttons and intense eight-minute matches. Coming this September 12, 2017.

Finally, you’ll notice our calendar has two new information boxes. One explains which games can be added to the list, the other tracks the latest changes and additions. If you visit that page often, that box should help you see straight away what new games have been added.