Humble Bundle is offering a new bundle, and this one is pretty amazing. The Humble Hooked on Multiplayer 2018 Bundle includes a lot of games and they all support MacOS (which is not always the case). You can see the full list below, but all I can say is that Rocket League ($14) and Besiege ($10) are enough to make this deal a must.

Pay what you want (literally, whatever you want!) and get:

  • Stick Fight: The Game
  • Rampage Knights
  • Tumblestone

Beat the average price (currently sitting at $5.25) and get:

  • Besiege
  • Duck Game
  • Hover

Pay $14 or more and get:

  • Rocket League

Pro tip: Rocket League is clearly the highlight, but Besiege and Hover are both excellent games too.Β Don’t miss it:

And don’t forget that part of what you pay goes to charity!








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