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Author: Ric Molina

Hands on GOG’s Galaxy (and why you should give it a try)

Good Old Games, the online store that specializes on old-school games, indies and DRM-free gaming just launched a new gaming service that aims to compete with Steam. Their new client is called Galaxy and since last earlier this week, it also supports the Mac. To take on Steam would be foolish for most companies, but not for GOG. Their brad-new Galaxy client already fixes many of Steam’s problems (like no DRM nor online requirements) and they’re just getting started. Our friends over at MacNN took the Mac version of Galaxy for a ride: With Galaxy – a new online, client-centric service – GOG...

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Is Dark Souls coming to the Mac?

A Dark Souls Mac port is the latest rumor coming from Steam’s database. Someone over at Reddit spotted what appears to be a Mac version of the game in the works. This will sound like a stretch, but a new depot was added 12 days ago and it’s called “jetpackinteractive”. It turns out, that’s the name of a new development studio. When you dig into their website, it appears that they call themselves an “Apple Developer”. They also work with the PS3, PS Vita and Xbox 360 platforms, but neither has anything to do with Steam, which leaves only the Mac....

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The 10 Best Mac First Person Shooters

First-Person shooter games are so popular, they can make or break a gaming platform: “Does this console support Titanfall? What about Gears of Wars?” is a good example. First-Person shooters (FPS) are poster boys and the Mac suffers in that department. But everyone just assumes that the Mac is lacking because it doesn’t support the latest Call of Duty or Battlefield. Yet, the Mac still has many great First-Person Shooters to offer, including some of the very best. After rounding up the best Racing games, MMORPGs and Strategy games for Mac, it’s time we tackle the most popular genre of all, the Mac’s best First-Person shooters. As always,...

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Age of Wonders 3 out on Mac

Age of Wonder 3 is finally out on both Mac and Linux. The game, along with the Eternal Lards Expansion was released on April 14, 2015. And my Newest Mac Games list continues to grow. The announcement comes directly from developer Triumph Studios, who also took the opportunity to let everyone know that the base game is 67% off. Eternal Lords is the second major expansion for the well-received strategy game. The Expansion aims to introduce the Tigran and Frostling races, a new Necromancer class and new mechanics, such as the Race Governance system. But even more importantly, this new expansion will mark the...

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Metro Redux just made it to the Mac!

This is a pleasant surprise. Without any notice, Metro Redux is now available on Mac. The news come straight from developer 4A Games, who turned to Twitter to make the announcement and to let everyone know that Metro Redux is 50% off too. Metro Redux is a remake of post-apocalyptic shooters Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. The remake was meant to prepare both games for next generation consoles and basically enhanced the hell out of them, specially the original Metro 2033. Metro Redux features an improved 4A Engine. While Metro Last Light Redux includes general improvements, Metro 2033 Redux was completely remade...

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