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Author: Resident Author

Shadowrun Returns Mac Review

After a six-year hiatus, fans can finally rejoice as Shadowrun has returned. In addition to this, it’s finally arrived on the Mac, for the first time in its long, 20 year history. New developers to the series, Harebrained Schemes, have much to live up to after the mediocre Shadowrun for Xbox 360, way back in 2007. Things are looking good, however, as they’re promising a faithful and compelling refresh of the beloved series. The result is Shadowrun Returns, the sixth video game in the long-running series. Beginning with a board game in 1989, the game’s unique mix of fantasy and cyberpunk was...

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LEGO Lord of the Rings Mac Review

LEGOS have always been addictive and LEGO video games are no exception.  With this latest release, developer Traveller’s Tales hopes LEGO Lord Of The Rings will follow the success of their previous titles. All LEGO games are great and Feral Interactive keeps doing an excellent job porting them to the Mac, with this being their 10th Lego port to date! LEGO LOTR follows the “move, attack and tag friends” signature gameplay style and makes it easy for the Lego fans to dive straight in and enjoy the game. You can get it from the Mac App Store.   Enter Lego Lord of the Rings...

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Astro A40 + Mixamp Pro Review

When anyone first enters the world of computer gaming they typically start their journey with whatever peripherals the computer came with. In the case of an iMac, it’s more than likely an Apple Wireless Keyboard. And that’s all fine and dandy for a short while. But sooner or later you will probably feel like “kicking it up a notch”.  Maybe you want some extra macro keys or perhaps a number pad if you are left-handed (like me). The point is when it comes to computer gaming some users have a hefty advantage over others depending on the gear they have. If...

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Victor Vran Mac Review

Victor Vran is the latest game from studio Haemimont Games, the studio known for the Tropico series. The game is a refreshing take on the RPG genre, and although it doesn’t revolutionize it, it brings new ideas to the table. At first glance, Victor Vran may look like another Diablo clone, but it isn’t. This game will satisfy you with its awesome gameplay mechanics and great graphics. And I’m happy to confirm that Mac version was handled with care. Only one question remains: Can your Mac handle it? Read on.   Enter Victor Vran on Mac Victor Vran follows a straight-forward...

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Cities: Skylines Mac Review

When you think city-building games, what’s the first game that comes to mind? I bet it’s SimCity, which can be expected as it dominated the genre for almost two decades. But things have changed lately. The latest SimCity, released for Mac in 2013, promised to create the most sophisticated and entertaining city-building game ever. But SimCity’s launch was a catastrophe, and the game never fully recovered from that. Luckily, developer Paradox Interactive was paying attention. SimCity’s awful fumble gave them the confidence to try the unthinkable: challenge SimCity’s 20-year reign. On March 2015, Paradox Interactive released Cities: Skylines for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Want...

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