Total War: Warhammer is available, but unfortunately, not on Mac.

Not yet at least.

Last year, developer Creative Assembly unveiled the news: Total War Warhammer was coming to Mac, Windows, and Steam OS. But they failed to tell us when exactly.

The Windows version has been available on Steam for months now, but both Mac and Linux ports are nowhere to be found. We all expected a same-day release for all platforms, but instead the developer left us in the dark, with no news nor potential release dates.

Things have finally changed now that Feral Interactive confirmed it’s involvement.

Feral is now in charge of both Mac and Linux versions and plans to release them this Autumn. This is excellent news as their work is always solid. Plus, they have shown over the years that they can handle a Total War port and I expect a polished and smooth game.

It was strange that Creative Assembly never mentioned this partnership before. I bet they had plans to port the game themselves (just as they did with Attila and Rome 2), but something went wrong and had to call Feral for help.

Feral is a secretive company, therefore we will never know what happened. In any case, given how much better their ports are (compare Attila with Shogun 2 and you’ll see what I mean), I’m glad things ended this way.


But will the wait be worth it?

The game is supposed to be the first in a trilogy of Warhammer games and Creative Assembly claims it will “create the single largest Total War experience ever“.

Warhammer stays true to the Total War formula and combines a turn-based campaign with real-time battles. Except the game dives into fantasy for the first time and includes “gigantic monsters, flying creatures, legendary heroes” and more.

Aside from a few server issues and bugs, it seems Total War: Warhammer is the real deal. Some reviewers call it an “intimidating blend of strategy and fantasy“, while others claim it’s the “best-looking strategy game of all time“.

I honestly can’t wait to try it myself as it definitely sounds like Game of the Year material. In the meantime, this impressive 4K 360° trailer does a good job at showing you what the game is capable of:

Delay aside, this game confirms Creative Assembly’s commitment to both Mac and SteamOS. I already noticed a shift when they stopped using Feral Interactive and started doing their own ports (which were released on the same day as their respective Windows versions).

Perhaps now that Feral is back in the picture we will get better release dates and optimized ports?