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First ever Mac Frame rate counter

Have you ever scoured the net for a Frames per second counter that works on Mac OS X, but found nothing? We know the feeling too. After years waiting for a tool to arrive, we decided to create one ourselves and share it with everyone for free:
Count It (Mac Frame Rate counter): 2020 Update 1

Warning: Count It is unfortunately no longer in development. You can still download it below but be warned that the app is outdated and unstable. If you are a developer and would be interested in helping support it, please let me know!

Record the frame rate of all your favorite Mac games

Recording your frames per second (FPS) can help you:

Find the best settings for smooth gameplay at the highest possible settings.
Figure out whether your Mac can or cannot play a demanding game.
Benchmark how different Macs run the same game.
Count It (Mac Frame Rate counter): 2020 Update 2

With Count It, virtually all Mac games are compatible and can be monitored in real-time (and these are our Top 100 games for Mac, in case you don’t know what to play next). Plus, you can start and stop recording your frame rate at any time without having to relaunch the game.

Customize it to suit your style

Count It lets you adjust the position, size, color, transparency, decimal precision, and sampling rate of the counter to fit your needs.

blueCounter    orangeCounter    transparentCounter

You can also set a keyboard shortcut to start recording a session without ever leaving the game.

The best Fraps for Mac alternative

Easily save your results (and share them if you want)

Did you try lots of settings and resolutions to find the sweet spot between performance and graphics? No need to remember them or write them down on a piece of paper. Count It can automatically record all your results. All you need to do is use a hotkey to start and stop recording. No need to leave the game!

You can view them as graphs and even specify Graphics Levels and Resolutions for future tests.

Want to take it one step further? You can share the results with us and help me create the ultimate benchmarks database:

Count It (Mac Frame Rate counter): 2020 Update 3

Works with third-party game clients too

You probably use third party services such as Steam or GOG’s Galaxy client. We use them too. Count It works great with third-party clients and can be used on games from your favorite game service:

Count It (Mac Frame Rate counter): 2020 Update 4

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Getting Started

Having troubles getting started with Count It? Check Count It’s help book for additional information (From within the App: Help > Count It Help).


System Requirements

Count It requires OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or newer.


Will Count It work with my game?
Count It is compatible with any game that uses OpenGL for its graphics rendering. At the moment, that is the vast majority of all games on OS X. Support for games using Apple’s new Metal API will be added when more games begin to use it.
Can I use Count It with my Steam games (or some other third-party game client)?

Absolutely! Count It even has built-in support for finding and adding games from Steam, GOG Galaxy, MacGameStore, and that are already installed on your Mac. To add a game from a supported third-party client, use the “Platform…” option from the “Add” menu (“+” symbol in bottom left corner). Once added to Count It, be sure to launch the game from the third-party game client.

If you use Count It to launch the game, it may not launch properly, and you will not be able to take advantage of the third-party client features. Instead, select the game in Count It and click the “Wait” button (icon that looks like a clock) and launch the game from the third-party client as normal. Count It will begin tracking the frame rate once the game has launched.

How do I record the frame rate to save it for later?
To record frame rate data you must first enable it from the “Recording” tab of the Preferences window by selecting one of the options from the “Record Frame Rate” section. The first time you select “With Hotkey”, you will be prompted to give Count It additional access rights. You must give Count It these additional permissions to use this feature.
Why isn’t the counter showing in any of my screenshots?
The counter used by Count It is actually its own separate window as opposed to being embedded inside the game window itself. Because of that, you must take a screenshot of the screen and not a specific window. This also means that screenshot features built-in to a game will most likely not work. Instead, use the built in system screenshot commands: shift-cmd-3 or shift-cmd-4.
Does Count It work with games running with an emulation wrapper (i.e. Wine)?
Unfortunately, no. Count It requires that the game be a native OS X app. There are currently no plans to support emulation wrappers.
Why can't I find a specific Steam game?

Sometimes games are packaged in a way that it’s difficult for Count It to detect which files are actually games. Here’s how you can solve that:

  • Start the game as you normally would.
  • Switch the game to run in windowed mode (just while we add it to Count It.
  • Open up Count It, click the add game button (where you would usually select “Platform”) and select “Running”.
  • This will show all of the currently running apps on your Mac.
  • Select your game and click “Add”
  • Select the game in Count It and click the “Start” icon in the toolbar.
  • Switch the game back to full screen and enjoy!
Who created Count It?

Count it is a team effort. That said, I have to give a big thank you to Michael LaRandeau for developing the tool (the only person at Mac Gamer HQ that knows how to code), and to the rest of the crew who helped beta test it (especially you Camilo!).

Also, a big thank you to Maty Aguiló for the cool icon design.

Get free access to Count It

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