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"I will help you squeeze more fun out of your Mac and show you everything Mac gaming can do."

- Ric Molina

About Mac Gamer HQ

Mac Gamer HQ is a blog created by me, Ric Molina, to show you everything Mac gaming has to offer, including the latest releases and guides to help you optimize your macOS gaming experience.

Are you a die-hard Mac user that also happens to enjoy video games? You're in the right place.

It's time we kill the myth that having a Mac means giving up on video games. There are so many great Mac games out there waiting for you, you just need to know where to look...

And these are just some examples...

Helping you discover your Mac's true potential

As someone who grew up playing video games but eventually fell completely in love with macOS, I might be the perfect person to show you how far Mac gaming has come, even for hardcore gamers.

Mac Gamer HQ covers:

  1. The best Mac games for you and your hardware (you want good games your Mac can run)
  2. The latest and greatest games, for the ultimate macOS gaming experience

Either way, there are so many awesome Mac games out there, you won't have enough time to play them all!

About Ric Molina (and how it all started)

I'm a regular guy in my early thirties who decided to get his first Mac a few years ago. Like most millennials, I grew up playing video games (Ocarina of Time, Goldeneye and Starcraft, I will always remember you) and was bummed to hear it would be difficult on a Mac.

My friends told me it was a stupid move and wished me good luck playing Spore on my overpriced machine...

But I was loving everything about my new Mac and knew I could never go back. I decided to do some research and was astounded by the many great games I found. Dragon Age: Origins (R.I.P) was my first step into gaming on a Mac.

I also realized it was a pain to find good Mac games. Not because they were rare, but because no one ever talked about them.

I knew there had to be others out there, looking for good Mac games but never finding them, just like me. That's when I created Mac Gamer HQ in October 2012, a blog I run from Lyon in France.

Since, I've tried to spread the word and our work has been covered by some very cool sites:

Featured sites

A growing movement that isn't going anywhere

As you may have heard, it's becoming harder to survive online. There's a reason why all Mac gaming sites have eventually died...

But my mission is to make Mac Gamer HQ the exception. To make it bigger than myself and make sure it will be here for you for as long as you'll need it. And so far, Mac Gamer HQ continues to grow. Mostly because of two things: a great team and an even greater community.  

A great team

Mac Gamer HQ used to be a one-man operation. Nowadays I'm lucky to get help from passionate gamers and talented freelance writers. Writers Chris Tallant and Salil Parekh have been around almost since day one, making a lonely endeavor less lonely. Steve Marx quietly became our unofficial editor and go-to writer.

Without Michael LaRandeau the dream that was Count It would have never happened. I can't wait to see how far it will continue to go. And finally, Camilo Lopez, our number one tester, Count It and the site would be in a bad shape without his feedback.  

An amazing community

Mac Gamer HQ continues to thrive thanks to you, our readers.

Know that I read every email that is directed my way (you can reach out to me here) and many times it was your emails telling me you enjoy the site that helped me keep going when things were tough...

Anyway, next time you feel like the only person on earth trying to play a new game on your Mac (as I often did when I got started), remember you're not alone...

Mac Gamer HQ in figures (as of December 2017)

  • Newsletter Subscribers: 9,881
  • Monthly Visits: 62,000