Let’s do something new. Let’s bring a game to MacOS and Linux.

We can actually make a difference and help bring a game we all desperately need: a good sports game.

And especially a soccer one (or football for the rest of the World). FIFA isn’t coming anytime soon and this could be our last chance to enjoy the beautiful game on a Mac.

I’m talking about Sociable Soccer, the game from the creator of the super popular Sensible Soccer from the 90s.

After reaching out to Jon Hare, the man in charge of the game, regarding possible supporting our favorite platform, he told me:

We will consider Mac and Linux versions more seriously if interest continues to grow.

To show him we mean business, please visit this Steam forum thread and leave a comment. The thread already has over 175 comments!

And by the way, he also confirmed the game uses Unity, an engine that supports cross-platform development. It’s never easy to port a game to a new platform, but when you’re using something like Unity, it’s much easier.

The tech is there to easily create Sociable Soccer for Mac and Linux. Now let’s show them the demand is there too.