This is a pleasant surprise. Without any notice, Metro Redux is now available on Mac. The news comes straight from developer 4A Games, who turned to Twitter to make the announcement and to let everyone know that Metro Redux is 50% off too.

Metro Redux is a remake of post-apocalyptic shooters Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. The remake was meant to prepare both games for next-generation consoles and basically enhanced the hell out of them, especially the original Metro 2033.

Metro Redux features an improved 4A Engine. While Metro Last Light Redux includes general improvements, Metro 2033 Redux was completely remade using Last Light’s engine and updated to include the same features as Metro Last Light. This means that now both games look the same, handle the same and share most in-game mechanics.

These are excellent news as Metro: Last Light was already one of the best FPS games for Mac. This makes it even better and finally allows us to experience Metro 2033 for the first time…

For more details regarding the improvements made with Metro Redux, check this video from the developer:

Metro Redux includes both Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux, which can be brought together as a bundle or separately. In any case, both games are Steam-Play enabled and are now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux (and SteamOS) for 50%. Both games are part of Steam’s midweek madness offer, which ends April 17!

I played the original Metro Last Light when it was finally released and thought it looked amazing (although very demanding on my Mac Pro). I can’t wait to see how the enhanced versions look and play.

Will you play any one of these? If so, let us know how they run on your Mac!