Almost 2 years after Black Ops release on Windows and consoles, Black Ops Mac version was finally released September 27, 2012.

Getting back to the game itself, this is a fine Call of Duty game, albeit not the best one you can experience on MacOS. This game is not as revolutionary as Modern Warfare was back then, but it builds from it to create a more complete, exhaustive package.

Black Ops may have lost its spot among the top FPS games for Mac because of the newer Modern Warfare 3, but it is still a solid package. Too bad the multiplayer is still Mac-only…

Enter Call of Duty: Black Ops

The single-player campaign in Black Ops follows the classic Call of Duty formula. You have set-pieces filled with explosions worthy of the next James Bond movie and a sense that you could as well be watching a Michael Bay movie instead of playing a game.

The single player campaign is definitely exciting to play but all this action can be distracting, especially because the story itself is more focused on raw entertainment than genuine storytelling.

Mac games - Black Ops

If you are expecting a story that will make you laugh and cry, then you may be disappointed, but if you just want some over-the-top action scenes where you can shoot everyone in the face and feel like a badass, you are going to do just fine.

The other issue I found is that the campaign is very linear. You are basically guided through corridors where you have to shot everything that moves. You go from point A to point B, then rinse and repeat. You have no freedom to tackle a situation any other way than the one intended by the developer (not like Crysis for example).


Black Ops is a perfect example of how the Call of Duty formula works: very fast-paced action, everywhere, all the time. This is not the place to expect a highly tactical firefight. This is the place to have a fun and create total mayhem. Black Ops builds upon the classic formula and adds more perks, customization and new game types. The multiplayer is brutal and you will die a lot. A LOT. But once you get the grasp of the gameplay and the flow of the maps, you will have a lot of fun killing newbies by the dozens. 😉

Mac games - Black Ops

The Verdict

The Good

  • Addictive multiplayer.
  • Solid story, with the classic Hollywood-style set pieces from COD games.

The Bad

  • Can feel like too little, too late, as it comes 2 years after the original release. Why not release Modern Warfare 3 instead?
  • The formula works but remains largely unchanged. If you don’t enjoy COD games, this will not change that.
  • Graphics are starting to feel outdated, especially compared with the likes of Battlefield 3.

Final word

This is a good package, with a solid single-player story mode, an addictive multiplayer and even a bonus Zombie killing mode where you can have some co-op fun. If you enjoy the classic COD gameplay, with its trademark over the top style and cutscenes, you will enjoy this game very much.