Without much fanfare, Feral Interactive quietly released Thief for Mac, the first-person stealth game from developer Eidos Montreal.

Originally released for consoles and Windows on February 2014, Thief is a revival of the cult classic Thief franchise, and the fourth installment so far. However, this is the first time a Thief game ever comes to MacOS.

In Thief, you are challenged to combine stealth, gadgetry a, d exploration as Garrett, a Master Thief with mysterious skills that make him the most wanted man in a forsaken city. You will pick locks, crack safes and solve mechanical puzzles to pocket rare treasures, all while keeping clear of the city’s guards.

These are the game’s most interesting features:

  • Move unseen through the dark and sneak silently past enemies as you use Garrett’s extraordinary stealth abilities to make The City your own.
  • Discover the secrets of The City as you infiltrate its buildings, navigate its streets and peer into the private lives of its inhabitants.
  • Earn gold as you pick pockets, solve cunning mechanical puzzles and lift precious jewels from right under the noses of The City’s wealthiest citizens.
  • Shoot arrows that can extinguish flames and emit noxious gas, and use Garrett’s grapple, The Claw, to scale forbidden walls.
  • Uncover The City’s dark secrets as you execute commissions from its shadiest characters.

Thief takes place in The City, a gothic metropolis filled with dark alleys, treacherous rooftops, and concealed vaults. As you explore its streets and encounter its residents, you will uncover a sinister plot to shift the balance of power in The City, and change Garrett’s world forever.

Overall, some think the game has a weak story and plain characters. However, everyone agrees that the game’s stealth mechanics are as solid as ever.

Thief Mac

Thief’s minimum version system requirements are the following:

  • 1.8Ghz Intel Processor
  • 4.0GB RAM
  • 1GB or better graphics card
  • OS 10.10.5 or later
  • AMD 5000 series, NVIDIA 600 series, and Intel Iris Pro series graphics cards or better.

Thief: Shadow Edition includes all playable DLC released for the game, including The Bank Heist mission, The Forsaken challenge map, and three booster packs.