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Terraria is finally available on Mac

It’s official, indie superstar Terraria is coming to Mac tomorrow, July 23.

The news come directly from developer Re-Logic, who also warns that both Mac and Linux versions will be available in beta form (read: not quite finished and potentially full of bugs).

Beta or not, these are certainly great news, as Terraria has been in many Mac gamers’ wish list for a while. The game was first spotted on our radar months ago, but I’m glad to finally get a definitive release date. It’s still unclear how the beta will work, but the developer promises more information tomorrow:


About the game

Terraria is an open-ended sandbox game that revolves around exploration, building, and fighting. You will have to dig, build and fight your way to bosses, caves and mysteries. The game uses a graphical style reminiscent of the 16-bit era and feels like Minecraft in 2D.

Both the Mac and Linux versions are part of version 1.3, which is a huge update that includes graphical changes (with re-imagined sprites and backgrounds), new features and new content. For more information about Terraria 1.3, you can check the official change log or simply watch the official trailer below:

You can get it from Steam.


  • mikelyons

    This is cool. I’d given up on this where it was taking forever. I already own it on Steam from ages ago so that’s cool. Free Mac game! (well, sort of)

  • Chris Tallant

    Oh man.. I loaded the beta last night – hosted a game (my two oldest kids adore this game…) and my daughter connected to me on her 2013 MBA, me on my MBP, and my son on his Asus computer. The host computer failed so many times doing menial nonsense that I had to set up the host computer on my old WIndows 7 box in the basement that runs XBMC so we could all play. Hosting on OSX is still working out some bugs (I sent at least two dozen logs and screens to the devs over steam-chat from mine and my daughter’s trials…) but the game runs amazing when it does kick in on a stable host.

    Now I just need to know what the hell to do.

    • Hey buddy, I mean to ask, now that the game is out of beta, have you tried to play it again? Is it still so buggy?

      • Chris Tallant

        It’s better, but still not perfect. The host/client fix is better, but you can still crash a server if both parties do specific things (it changes by patch, oddly,) such as attack the first boss with a party member AFK for more than 3 minutes… so it’s still coming together, just… slower than expected.

        I can say that I do prefer Terraria more than Minecraft, but given that I’ve never spent more than 30 minutes at a time trying to do anything in Minecraft, Terraria (forgive me, I have no clue how the proper spelling is supposed to be,) benefits multiplayer and group play more efficiently than Minecraft.