Update: In a surprising twist, Virtual Programming just released both Saints Row 4 and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell on Linux. No information regarding a potential macOS version was shared…

A few months ago, we noticed that someone was working on Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third. Both are still being secretly worked on, but in the meantime, the latest Saints Row and its only expansion were released for Linux on Steam.

Saints Row 3 Mac

Honestly, this is very strange. Both Saints Row 2 and The Third for Mac are still in the works (according to SteamDB, both were modified a month ago). So why a Linux release only for Saints Row 4? Perhaps not the same developer is behind these games?

Who wants some Saints Row?

Until someone actually confirms these releases, I have to continue to call this a rumor.

In any case, it would be great to get these open-world games on Mac (a genre desperately lacking on our platform of choice). I keep hearing that Saints Row 2 wasn’t that good, but Saints Row: The Third received good reviews overall.

Given that Rockstar Games refuses to port either Grand Theft Auto, Sleeping Dogs and Mafia 3 are the best options we have right now (and some more competition is always welcome).

In any case, after the drama involving Arma 3, this information doesn’t confirm these games will ever get a final Mac release. Keep that in mind and do not make the purchase just yet. It’s better to play it safe and wait until both games are officially released first.

This applies to both rumors and developer promises (which can be false when it comes to ports for different platforms, sadly).

Are you a Saints Row fan?