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Horror game Outlast is now available on Mac

It’s official, Outlast is available for Mac and Linux. The game was released on March 31, 2015, and joins Shadow Warrior as the Mac’s biggest releases this week. The news comes directly from developer Red Barrels, who made the announcement via Twitter last Friday.

Outlast is a first-person survival horror game that was first released for Windows in September 2013. And ever since, many see it as one of the scariest games ever!

The game puts you in the role of a freelance journalist who decides to investigate a psychiatric hospital lost in the mountains of Salt Lake County, Colorado. That was obviously a bad idea, as hell breaks loose and you find yourself alone in a nuthouse full of homicidal patients. To make matters worse, you are completely incapable of combat. With no weapons at your disposal, you will have to be quick on your feet and smart to stay alive.

Want to see Outlast in action? Check our OS X gameplay video below:

Red Barrel is also bringing the game’s first (and only) DLC, Whistleblower. Outlast: Whistleblower serves as a prequel and shows you events from before and after the main plot.

Overall, most reviewers really enjoyed the PC version of the game, with IGN concluding in their review that:

Outlast can stand proudly as a unique and terrifying survival horror game. Unlike many modern horror games, it remembers that the most frightening monsters are those that you can’t kill, but have to flee from, and it creates an outstandingly creepy atmosphere that rendered me defenseless against its many well-paced jump scares.

Needless to say, Outlast is a must if you enjoy horror games. I can’t say I’m a big fan of the genre, but you can expect a gameplay video very soon. In any case, the tension in this game seems so high, Outlast should conquer my yearly Mac’s scariest games round-up with little effort!

You can get Outlast (Mac version) on for $19.99.

  • Ian

    Just started playing this on bootcamp, great game, but I’m too scared to play it for more than an hour at a time :p

    • Looks freaking scary indeed, not much of a jump scares fan, someone else will have to review this one for the site… @disqus_tjssOjCkT1:disqus, @disqus_WTosD6fxx0:disqus need to talk to you about something 😉

  • ikir

    Awesome but scary!!!

    • Yep, I should start playing this one very soon! You planned on buynig it?

  • Guys, it’s really not that scary. It has its moments for sure but generally once you get used to what to expect the fear levels drop.

    • That’s because you’re too much of a tough guy 😉

  • Beamerboy

    Nice gameplay vid – but can it be played with a controller on Mac? Steam says “full controller support”, but that doesn’t always translate to Macs.

    • Yep, I tried it back when it was first released using a wired Xbox 360 controller.