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Metro Redux just made it to the Mac!

This is a pleasant surprise. Without any notice, Metro Redux is now available on Mac. The news come straight from developer 4A Games, who turned to Twitter to make the announcement and to let everyone know that Metro Redux is 50% off too.

Metro Redux is a remake of post-apocalyptic shooters Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. The remake was meant to prepare both games for next generation consoles and basically enhanced the hell out of them, specially the original Metro 2033.

Metro Redux features an improved 4A Engine. While Metro Last Light Redux includes general improvements, Metro 2033 Redux was completely remade using Last Light’s engine and updated to include the same features as Metro Last Light. This means that now both games look the same, handle the same and share most in-game mechanics.

For more details regarding the improvements made with Metro Redux, check this video from the developer:

Metro Redux MacMetro Redux includes both Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux, which can be bought together as a bundle or separately. In any case, both games are Steam-Play enabled and are now available for Windows, Mac and Linux (and SteamOS) for 50%. Both games are part of Steam’s midweek madness offer, which ends April 17!

I played the original Metro Last Light when it was finally released on Mac and thought it looked amazing (although very demanding on my Mac Pro). I can’t wait to see how the enhanced versions look and play.

Will you play any one of these? If so, let us know how they run on your Mac!

Via Steam

  • ironhorse40

    An if you was like me that brought the pc version, you already own the mac version of Metro 2033 redux.

    • Oh, the beauty of Steam-Play…..

      • Camilo Alonso López Cristoffan

        PRAISE LORD GABEN, hahahaha!

  • ironhorse40

    I just played some of the Mac Metro 2033 Redux. The gameplay and sound runs like butter however, the load screen has a lag ( open scene, Chapter 1 and 2 so far) Running a Mac Pro 2.8 Quad 10gigs ram and Radeon 5770 (which I need to upgrade).

    • Nice machine man (but yeah, that GPU is probably slowing you down a bit). What settings are you using?

      • ironhorse40

        Rico I just use the basic settings out of box. Sorry about the dated replay, I was in Tomb Raider World.

        • No worries, as you can see I ran a bit late with my answers too….

      • ironhorse40

        I just remember playing Metro 2033 Redux, on bootcamp a while back. I didn’t get the sluggish at all. so i think the game isn’t fully optimize for Mac.

    • Flo

      Runs perfectly fine on my Hackintosh (old i5-750, newly upgraded Radeon R9 280) on maxed out settings, but I also got that load screen lags (Metro:LL didn’t have this). Really glad the Redux versions are now available on OSX, just played Metro:LL a few weeks ago. 🙂

      • Damn, that Radeon card must do wonders when playing games right? What did you use to build your Hackintosh? I used to have one but ever since I installed Yosemite with Unibeast it started to bug ALL the time….

        • Flo

          Yeah, actually it’s only a mid-range card, but still better than most stuff Apple has to offer. 🙂
          (By the way: This card works out of the box in any classic MacPro, tested it a few weeks ago ;-)).

          I build my machine in 2010 using Tonmacx86’s methods (Unibeast etc.) and upgraded it on that base every year to the most recent major release. About two months ago I then switched over to the Clover bootloader as it does many things in a more native, “Apple-like” manner. This simplifies certain things, e.g. my self made Fusion Drive and the use of iMessage.
          After upgrading to Yosemite my hackintosh started to become unstable (e.g. crashes after sleep, freezes), but after moving on to Clover everything is perfectly fine again.

          For gaming purpose I’d suggest everyone to build a hackintosh. On the software side, we Mac gamers have more AAA titles than ever before, but on the hardware side Apple keeps making things worse with every new machine. Decent graphics are only available in machines way beyond 2k€ and even in MacPros you can’t upgrade GPUs.
          What looks promising though are external GPUs (via Thunderbold 2), which can turn even a low-end MacMini in a quite decent gaming machine. At the moment this topic is still in Beta-stage, but I think that this might get me actually back to buying Apple stuff in the future.

          • ironhorse40

            My next Mac Pro will be a Hackintosh. I can’t see myself buying a computer like the current Mac Pro (black Trashcan). I came from Commodore/ Amiga Ecosystem. I’m tired of that old tech of having a bunch stuff connected via external Drives (Tape, HD, Floppy 5.25-3.5. I don’t like drive, on the desk with bunch lights blinking and humming.

    • Yep, that Radeon is probably a bottleneck. How many gigs does it have?

  • ikir

    This is THE NEWS!

    • Camilo Alonso López Cristoffan

      Hell yeah!

    • So, did you get your hands on it?

  • Andrew Holmes

    I was stoked when I heard this news – I played through Last Light on my Macbook Pro and it was great so I was really looking forward to playing the original 2033. However the game is almost unplayable for me – I’ve got an early 2013 15″ Retina (core i7, 16GB RAM, nVidia GT650M) and it stutters pretty badly. From what I’ve (briefly) read the AMD cards seem to run it better on OS X. I hope they tweak/patch it to run a bit smoother!

    • Pay attention to your resolution too. If the thing is running on retina resolution or something close, than no wonder your Macbook struggles. Give it a shot on medium settings and 1080p and I bet I will run at least “decently”. Let me know how it goes!