Homefront: The Revolution for Mac was a reason to be excited. Unfortunately, the game slowly turned into a big disappointment…

This is particularly sad when you take into account how proud developer Dambuster Studio was to announce this back in April 2016:

Shortly after, publisher Deep Silver confirmed the same information on a press release:

Homefront: The Revolution is scheduled for release on May 17th in North America, and May 20th in all other territories on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. Native Mac and Linux versions are also in development.

Unfortunately, that was the last time we ever heard about either the Linux or macOS versions. Then Liam from GamingOnLinux took it upon himself to constantly contact the developer for updates. Most of his requests went unanswered.

And when Dambuster finally replied, they basically confirmed what we already knew, but didn’t want to hear: You can forget about Homefront: The Revolution on Mac or Linux.

Wasn’t this a sure thing?

When both developer and publisher go out of their way to officially confirm something, it has to be because feel very confident, right? Plus, it was also going to be the first game on Mac to use the CryEngine. But according to a user from IMG, CryEngine probably was the main problem:

As CryTek has basically abandoned the plans for Mac and (working) Linux versions of the CryEngine that Homefront uses–probably due to the financial troubles they are in–I wouldn’t count on that happen anytime soon, if at all.

Homefront isn’t the only game that fell victim to this: the upcoming Kingdom Come: Deliverance also had to cancel plans for Mac and Linux versions.

Homefront: The Revolution wasn’t a perfect game, at least according to the many reviews I read. Still, it had the potential of being one of the most fun first-person shooters on Mac

Let this be another reminder that you should never buy a game based on a promise. And when it comes to additional platforms, this is even more important. If you knew how many times I’ve seen developers simply drop ports without any notice…