I never talk about iOS games, but this one is worth mentioning:

GRID Autosport is coming to iPad and iPhone.

Not only is GRID Autosport a serious, full-fledged racing game (easily one of the top racing games out there), it’s also a hardcore game that, once you bump all settings to Manual, can become a challenging simulation.

That would be a first for iPad or iPhone. Feral Interactive is in charge of Grid Autosport iPad and iPhone versions. We can, therefore, expect a solid port with good performance.

Can it deliver the complete desktop experience of the game?

What really caught my attention from Feral’s announcement was this statement:

GRID Autosport for iOS is designed to bring the complete experience of the desktop game onto your iPhone or iPad.

I have trouble understanding how an iPhone game could capture the full experience of a desktop game, especially for a racing game with good graphics. I suppose lower resolutions will help, but will that be enough? That said, if someone can pull it off, it’s Feral.

They have extensive experience porting games to new platforms and seeing how well their Rome: Total War iPad port turned out, I am really curious to see how this one turns out.

Grid Autosport iPad iPhone

GRID Autosport for iPhone and iPad is planned for this spring.

So we’re doing iOS games now?

Not at all. Don’t expect me to cover the next Clash Royal update. I don’t have anything against that game, in fact, I’ve logged a few hours myself. But the focus has always been MacOS games here and that shall continue.

If I ever mention a new iOS game is because it’s a full-featured game that can compete with full computer games.

But just in case, I ask you: Would you like me to cover iOS games more often?