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Fortnite’s Mac version is now Available – Including a new Survival Mode

Announced during Apple’s 2015 WWDC keynote, Fortnite’s Mac version is finally available. Released July 25, 2017, Fortnite can be purchased and played, although still in open beta.

Fortnite aims to be a free-to-play game (at some point in 2008), but you can take part of the open beta if you shell out $39.99 or more.

Besides the unfortunate trend of paying for an unfinished game that will be free once completed, Fortnite is an incredible tower defense shooter that uses Apple’s Metal engine:

Fortnite is a construct-and-defend sandbox game that aims to combine exploration, building, and action. Fortnite is a big departure from Epic’s Unreal Tournament or Gears of War games, but their plans show promise.


Celebrating 1 million players with a new game mode

Some critics claim the progression system is tedious and boring. Still, it hasn’t prevented more than one million players from paying for an unfinished game.

To celebrate the occasion, Epic Games released a new survival mode on August 29, 2017. Survival mode will challenge you to build a base and fend off waves of enemies for up to 14 in-game days. And in exchange, players shall receive “amazing” goodies.

And in exchange, players shall receive “amazing” goodies.

Fortnite still has a long way to go, but seeing how popular it already is and how great it looks, I can’t help being excited. Epic support macOS just as good as they support all the other platforms.

Epic’s macOS support has been top notch and because of that, they can take my money too.

  • Josh Hatchett

    I loved seeing a gaming company onstage during WWDC! 🙂

    • Would be interested to know where they are with this game right now….

  • Thomas Bodlien

    Unfortunately I don’t like comic style games.