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Final Fantasy 14 is available for Mac, but stay away from it!

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was released for Mac on June 23, along with the game’s first major expansion, Heavensward.

These were great news for Mac gamers, who would finally get to play a seemingly good game without having to use Bootcamp. But things aren’t going according to plan though…

Gamers all over the net are complaining about the game’s terrible performance under OS X. Some even claim that the port’s absymal performance is a joke. Because of the many bugs, glitches and poor frame rates, many call the Mac version unplayable.

Considering how everyone from Reddit to the game’s official forums agree, I only have one message for you:

Don’t buy this game.

Final Fantasy 14 is a Wine-wrapped version of the Windows PC version. This often means lesser performance than native ports, but a properly made Wine-wrapper can be reliable and fast. That is unfortunately not the case here.

There’s a chance that Transgaming will eventually improve it, but don’t hold your breath, and specially don’t waste your money on a buggy port just yet. It’s my duty to insist on this.


About the game

Heavensward was released by developer Square Enix on June 23, on PC, PS3, PS4 and Mac.

It’s interesting to note that the original Final Fantasy XIV (released in September 2010) was very poorly received. As a result, development of the title was taken over by a brand-new team, led by Yoshida. His team was responsible for generating content for the original version, as well as developing a brand new game to make up for the poor previous release. That new game was Final Fantasy 4: A Real Reborn, which featured a new engine, improved server structures, revamped gameplay and interface, and a new story.

Final Fantasy 4 Heavensward MacReal Reborn was also known as Version 2.0, and now Yoshida’s team is taking things further with Heavensward, the game’s first Expansion.

Heavensward features massive areas, much larger than before. Everything has been scaled up, giving players more room to explore. The Expansion also raises level cap from 50 to 60, adds new high-level gear, introduces flying mounts and a new race too: The Au Ra, a tall, stern people with tan or blue skin, horns growing from the side of their heads and patches of scales dotting their skin.

Heavensward also introduces three new job classes: a tank class dark knight, a healing class astrologian, and a gun-wielding ranged attacker the machinist.

Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward was released on June 23.

Via Gamespot

  • This is interesting. I hope they bring the single player Final Fantasy games to the Mac that have been released to the PC lately.

    • I don’t know man, it could go either way…. Either they just do this one in particular (being an MMO and all) or deciding to slowly bring more and more games. I think the first scenario is more likely….

      PS: Yeah I saw the mistake with the numbers earlier today! I changed it, thanks.

    • I know you’re a big fan, did you by any chance bought this one? Hope you didn’t considering how the port was poorly made!

      • I’m not an MMO gamer so no. I would be more interested in the single player games so I’d be more interested in the main entries in that series. Provided they get ported well of course. Like how Metal Gear Rising wasn’t too shabby.

  • Camilo Alonso López Cristoffan

    Wow man!!! Excellent news, I can’t wait for June 23, this MMORPG is really great in terms of character creation and building, and it is just what Mac Gaming needs, a new and refreshed MMORPG!

    • Did you get to play it on Windows? Can’t say I’ve tried it before…

      • Camilo Alonso López Cristoffan

        I did not try it on Windows but it looks awesome =D!

    • Yeah, too bad the Mac port is so bad right now, hope you didn’t buy it!

      • Camilo Alonso López Cristoffan

        Hahahahaha, I did not buy it man since I forgot it was coming out, I read your new piece and I must say I’m so GLAAAAAAAD and RELIEVEEEEED for not getting a copy!

  • Josh Hatchett

    I really want this…I just don’t want to play the monthly! -_-

  • Mike

    Are they going to realese it still? I think I read somewhere that it had been cancelled.

    • Josh Hatchett

      It’s released and it’s just awful -_-

    • Yep, I updated the article accordingly, the game is out, but the Mac port was totally botched….

  • Josh Hatchett

    So…I kid you not, this is the worst port I’ve even played on my iMac…I’m trying to issue a refund as we speak.

    • That is good to hear, thanks for heads up!!

    • Camilo Alonso López Cristoffan

      Thanks for the tip, I was thinking of buying it…

  • ikir

    Transgaming is evil. Never buy anything ported by them. Guild Wars has the same issues, they don’t even know how to use wine and they have 0 support. They will not reply to tweet or mails.

    • Kelvin

      What issues? GW2 runs perfectly on my MBP, the only thing to complain about is the gameplay, which has nothing to do with the port.

      • ikir

        GW2 forum is full of bugs and glitches, support was terrible sometimes they even reply “we have no Mac to test GW on”. I had 4 friends playing it with me, we all quitted because bugs, crashes… just read forums… horrible like laser bean hawks….

        • This is always a big debate, as some see good performance and others don’t. I bet it depends on the GFX card on your Mac. Some are properly optimized, some are not…

          • Camilo Alonso López Cristoffan

            As I have said, I had no problems playing GW2 on my MBP…

    • Ahh, I forgot about your hate towards the Mac port of GW2 😉

      • ikir

        It is not my hate, all my friends quitted. Many Mac users asked refounds, Mac GW2 forum was full of bug reports, rants then they closed it. Mac client is “beta” the reality is another: transgaming port took 10 minutes.

    • Camilo Alonso López Cristoffan

      I’m sorry to hear this man!
      I’ve played GW2 and it runs very smoothly on my MBP even though a lot of people argue it’s really shitty…
      Also, I’ve played Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on my MBP and it also runs very well, hopefully they’ll make changes to the port… They should maybe think of launching “beta” ports so that we are prepared for a possible shitty port…

  • Kelvin

    Luckily my MBP didn’t meet the minimum system spec, so I didn’t wait for it and bought GW2. GW2 runs smoothly on my old MBP.

    • Funny how many accuse GW2 of having the exact same issues, but many others tell me that the game runs great! I guess it truly depends on the Mac you’re using.

      That said FF14 seems to be so bad, EVERYBODY is struggling with it right now.

      • Camilo Alonso López Cristoffan

        I believe it’s really dependent on your Mac, I have played GW2 and it runs great!

    • Camilo Alonso López Cristoffan

      I have tested GW2 on my MBP and it also runs very smoothly, maybe not at ultra setting but no problems whatsoever.

  • Camilo Alonso López Cristoffan

    Bad and good news!

    Bad because this game is really good, I was thrilled to know that it was going to be ported but is good to hear that you should STAY ABSOLUTELY AWAY from it for the time being!

  • aphrospice

    I cant believe they use Wine to port this game instead of actually DEVELOPING a port. No love for Mac Gamers as per usual. So disgusted.

    • Yep, and that probably explains why the launch was such a disaster. On their defense, some Wrappers turn out pretty good. Never as good as a properly optimized native game but still, much better than no port at all.