Updated May 12, 2016: While F1 2015 was eventually released on Linux, Feral Interactive announced that the Mac version was canceled. This was bad for racing fans, but luckily the new and improved F1 2017 did make it to macOS.

Original story: This isn’t official yet, but it’s 100% certain that F1 2015 is coming to MacOS soon. Indeed, this one was accidentally leaked, but there’s enough proof to confirm that F1 2015 is coming soon and that Feral Interactive is the one behind it.

In fact, F1 2015 appeared in my radar months ago when different ports were spotted on Steam’s Database. As I’ve said before, Steam leaks aren’t 100% accurate. Not all leaks are guaranteed to get an official release (ARMA 3 being the perfect example), but at least they are proof that a Mac version is in the works.

F1 2015 Mac

Well, fast forward to last week, when Feral Interactive actually revealed the game on their blog. GamingOnLinux spotted it and covered the news, but soon after, Feral removed the post. It said:

Get closer than ever before to the experience of racing in the world’s most glamorous, exciting and prestigious motorsport.

Prepare for qualifying with the F1 2015 minisite, where you’ll pick up trailers, screenshots, and details on the cross-platform online multiplayer between Mac, Linux and Windows.

Plus, we know Feral has a great relationship with the game’s developer Codemasters. Feral handled F1 2013’s and Grid: Autosports‘ Mac ports. But to be fair, F1 2014 never made it…

In any case, F1 2013 was a great racing game and F1 2015 would be a welcome addition.

Are you a racing game fan? Will you be picking this one up?