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Is Dark Souls coming to the Mac?

A Dark Souls Mac port is the latest rumor coming from Steam’s database. Someone over at Reddit spotted what appears to be a Mac version of the game in the works.

This will sound like a stretch, but a new depot was added 12 days ago and it’s called “jetpackinteractive”. It turns out, that’s the name of a new development studio. When you dig into their website, it appears that they call themselves an “Apple Developer”. They also work with the PS3, PS Vita and Xbox 360 platforms, but neither has anything to do with Steam, which leaves only the Mac.

Steam Depots and changes to their databases are anything but official. Sometimes, it’s just developers testing out stuff that never gets released. Yet, from what I’ve seen in recent years, most Mac versions spotted there eventually make it. Many Mac ports get spotted like this, the last one being Shadow Warrior.


About Dark Souls

Dark Souls MacDark Souls is a third-person action role-playing game that uses death to teach you and help you progress. In Dark Souls, you will die a lot. And this is normal, because the game encourages repetition, forcing you to learn from your mistakes until you kill your enemy.

This punishing nature made the game infamous when it was first released on consoles and Windows. I guess people forgot about the days when games were hard…

Other than that, Dark Souls takes place in a large and continuous open world environment, connected through a central hub area. You can travel around the world looking for bosses and creatures of varying types that must be defeated. Every enemy killed, gives you a small amount of “souls” which act as both currency and experience points.

Dark Souls would be a great addition to Mac gaming too. Since the Mac release of The Witcher 2, a good RPG is due!

I have reached out to Jetpack Interactive and will let you know if this rumor becomes official.

  • Rasmus Englund

    I have a couple of friends (PC users) who got Dark Souls a couple of days ago; and I’ve been so frustrated that I can’t play it 🙁
    If this is true then it would be more than AWESOME! 😀

  • This is another example of a late game since they already have a sequel and a spiritual-sequel out (Dark Souls 2 and Bloodborne respectively). But more games is always good. This might help pave the way to at least the sequel Dark Souls & other Japanese games coming to Mac.

    • I see what you mean. It’s like the Call of Duty franchise where we are several games late. It was also the case for Total War too and look where we are now! Windows and Mac parity 😉
      Hopefully this will be the beginning of something good!

  • Camilo Alonso López Cristoffan

    It would be awesome if we could get a port of this game to Mac =D!

    • SteamDB is rarely wrong so the big question is “when”!

  • mikelyons

    I hope this comes to pass. That would be awesome. I need some serious punishment. Sorry, too much info! lol

    • Try to keep PG13 please… lol kidding, you can share all your weird gaming habits here, we all have some so go ahead 😉

      • mikelyons

        I generally am well behaved depending on the context of where I am when I post something. That’s about as far as I’d go and I figured it was vague enough only an adult would pick up on it. Don’t worry, I’ll be a good boy. 😀

  • mikelyons

    I deleted my bootcamp partition recently. I decided if it doesn’t run natively, in Wineskin or Boxer or lastly in Parallels, I’m not playing it on my iMac. This may eventually lead to a PS4 purchase to fill in the gaps but for now I have a ton to play anyway. I doubt this would run well in parallels and even if it did, native sure would be nice. Eventually, I plan to ditch Parallels too. I’d really rather have nothing to do with Windows so bring on the ports!

    • I would ditch parallels too 😉 If I had more time to play games, I would probably get a Xbox One for all the games I really really want to play but aren’t available on Mac. But there are already too many on Mac that I should play but can’t find the time so….

      • mikelyons

        No Parallels/no Windows at all is the plan in time. I only have it now along with the Windows 7 license I bought 3 years ago to work through a backlog of games purchased on Steam and GOG that require Windows to play. However, I reached a point where I decided if it also requires a reboot, forget it.

        Like you said, there is so much goodness on Mac now I am behind in a big way, particularly where I have focused on trying to clear the Windows backlog which is big too. It’s too much really and I feel like I am missing out on being anywhere near current with what is cool in native Mac gaming. I own a bunch of great games ported by Feral and Aspyr for example and yet I am spending time playing KRATER in Windows because the Mac version is broken in Yosemite and Medal of Honor Airborne from 2007 presently. I should be playing the Feral ported Brothers in Arms games, Aspyr ported Quake 4 and Call of Duty 2, Half-Life 2 (hangs head in shame) and so on, all for Mac. Yes, I am that far behind despite having kept up with buying all the new Mac stuff on various sales. I haven’t even played the Bioshock games and I own them all. I haven’t played Civ IV or V but I own them both, expansions and all. The list goes on. I need therapy I think.

        Maybe you could run a story on therapy for gamers with ridiculous backlogs to help them learn to be normal, as in buy a game, play it, buy the next one, play it, etc. I think that is what normal must be like but I am not sure not being normal. 😉

        So yeah, I really should cut the cord and just abandon the Windows ship but I’d still like to play Kingdoms of Amalur, The Mass Effect Trilogy, the Risen games and I forget what else now. I probably could cut the Windows list way, way down though and then be done with it. I don’t buy Windows games anymore and haven’t in quite some time now.

  • Josh Hatchett

    Man I have had this in my Steam Library for I don’t even know how long…This need to come to OS X!

    • Well, If you already have it, it can only be a perfect deal for you, even if it takes long or performance isn’t perfect.

      • Josh Hatchett

        Yeah, exactly. A lot of the games I’ve been playing recently on my iMac have really been performing well. I really hope to see this and many other games being released for OS X this year. 🙂