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Civilization 6 for Mac: Summer 2017 Update and new DLC now Live

You know how impressed I was with Civilization 6’s Mac version. Barely 3 days after the Windows release, on October 25, 2017, Aspyr secured Civ 6 for Mac.

That was probably some kind of record. Yet Aspyr didn’t stop there. They have continued to support the game and today Civ 6’s Mac version gets the latest DLC and a noteworthy update.

You can download Civilization VI’s Mac version from the Mac App Store:

Mac App Store Badge

Civ 6 is the first major entry in the series since 2010. At the time, Civ 5 was a revolution, completely changing combat mechanics and proving that Civ games could still be perfected. It was a huge success, which is why Firaxis already warns us that Civ 6 won’t see drastic changes to the formula.

Still, Civ 6 offered new ways to engage with your world: cities now physically expand across the map (taking up several tiles now with specific districts and cities), active research in technology and culture unlocks new potential, and competing leaders will pursue their own agendas based on their historical traits.

And today, the game gets even better.


The Summer 2017 Update

The latest free update is now live on Steam and the Mac App Store and includes balance tweaks, civ-specific adjustments, AI tuning, and bug fixes. These are the highlights according to the patch notes:

  • A restart button to regenerate the map using your current game settings
  • The ability to save game configuration settings for future games
  • Civ- and leader-specific balance changes
  • Balance changes to district costs
  • You now get a warning when your cities can bombard enemy units

The restart button is particularly welcomed, but this update also introduces a new DLC.


Nubia Civilization DLC out

Costing $4.99 (unless you already own the Digital Deluxe Edition), this new DLC includes the Nubia Civ and a scenario pack to go along with it.

Led by Queen Amanitore, Nubia has cheaper and more experienced ranged units, as well as the Pitati Archer unit, a stronger and faster unit to replace the normal archer.

For more information on this update and DLC, you can head over to Aspyr’s blog.


Civilization 6 Mac system requirements

Turn-based strategy games are usually light, but Civ VI’s Mac version is a very good-looking strategy game, which is why system requirements are rather high:

  • Operating System: OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) and MacOS 10.12 (Sierra)
  • CPU Processor: Intel Core i5 (4 cores)
  • CPU Speed: 2.7 GHz
  • Memory: 6 GB
  • Hard Disk Space: 15 GB
  • Video Card (ATI): Radeon HD 6790
  • Video Card (NVIDIA): GeForce 775M
  • Video Card (Intel): Iris Pro
  • Video Memory (VRAM): 1 GB

If you still have questions or doubts regarding Civ VI on Mac, Aspyr’s dedicated FAQ page probably has an answer for you.


Does this mean I can play with my Windows friends?

Unfortunately, this Summer Update did not enable cross-platform Multiplayer.

I have reached out to Aspyr’s to understand what is preventing Mac and Windows versions from being the same (and therefore enabling cross-platform Multiplayer). In the meantime, you can go ahead and play with your Linux friends.

Are you a Civ fan? Will you be buying this one?

Mac App Store Badge

  • OMG! it is great! one of beta testers shares full Civilization 6 on mediafire:


  • Camilo

    I bought Civ VI like an idiot thinking I could play it right away with my Mac only realizing when I had installed it that it wouldn’t work with my platform. Once Civ VI is released for Mac on Steam, will I be able to play the game or will I have to buy a new game?

    • Ric

      Short answer: YES

      Longer answer: Don’t worry. Most games on Steam will give you all available versions without having to pay extra. For example, you could have bought Rocket League last year, and when the game finally became available on Mac, you could download it on your Mac automatically.

      Aspyr, the studio behind Civ 6 for Mac, always bring their games to Steam, so you should be ok as soon as the Mac version is released 😉

  • Philip Waddington

    Hi Camilo, I have bought numerous games for my windows laptop from steam, including Civ 5. When I recently bought my mac book I was worried that I would have to purchase those games I bought again for the mac platform. But no, in the library of games in steam there is a mac section and the games that have a platform for mac were available to play, so no need to buy a new game when Civ 6 is released on the mac. Wait till the mac version comes out for Civ 6 and then check your games library in steam, it should be available to play. I love Civ and and I am looking forward to Civ 6 for the mac as Civ 5 ran so smoothly for me in comparison to my windows laptop.

    • Ric

      You are completely right.

  • MattOgle

    So, it says you have to have a 2.7 GHz processor. I have a 2.6. Is that going to be absolutely unacceptable or is this something that can be fudged?

    • Ric

      You should be fine. I tried it on my old 13-inch MacBook Air (from 2013) and it was acceptable at low settings. That said, this game gets heavier once games are getting longer (more units, cities, etc).

      • MattOgle

        Thanks. Out of curiosity, what is your processor speed? I figure it can’t be too much of a slowdown if I’m only .1 GHz low. lol

        • Ric

          1.3 Ghz Intel Core i5! Yours is in a completely different ballpark so don’t worry too much.

      • Klaus Bakdal

        Aspyr writes, that Intel Iris is not compatible with Civ 6!? The specs for my MBP 2013 are: Intel core i5, 2,4 ghz (2 cores), 8 GB RAM, Intel Iris 1536 MB graphic card. Would you consider those specs possible for Civ 6 at all?

  • Sergio

    I’m gonna buy a MacBook Air 13″ and I don’t know if I will be able to play Civ VI on it. I’d really appreciate an answer.
    I really wanna play it and I’m worried about if I will be able to play it on that MacBook.

    • Sergio

      I’m from Spain, I didn’t remember it xD
      It’s a 13-inch MacBook Air. We write it as 13″.

      • sfmike64

        Do not do this. It will not work properly. It’s VERY slow.

        • Ric

          Unless you are ready to play it at the LOWEST settings ever, and even then the game will get slow once there will be many units and cities around.

      • Ric

        Agree with @sfmike64:disqus. This is a heavy game. I tried it on my 2013 MacBook Air and it runs fine in low settings and 720p. The problem is that as soon as you have lots of units and cities, performance will go down. And fast. I only tried it for 1 hour on that machine.

  • sfmike64

    What a steaming pile of crap. Won’t play well on a 2 year old Macbook Air. In fact, Aspyr tells me, NO Macbook Air meets the requirements for Civ VI.

    Never again. I’m done with these clowns.

    • Ric

      MacBook Airs aren’t meant to be good at gaming. Some games it can manage, but Civ 6 is demanding. I’m not surprised.
      That said my 2013 MacBook Air can manage it on very low settings. Although I haven’t played it a lot on that machine, there’s a high chance that the game will become too slow once you have lots of units and cities on screen.

      • sfmike64

        A two year old computer should be able to play this game. The graphics should not be that demanding. It’s not a first person shooter.

        Luckily Apple’s giving me a refund, so I haven’t wasted $60. But I’m never buying another Aspyr game. And I’ve been playing them for 20 years.

      • Jay Bowling

        What about a 2015 i7 macbook book air with an intel 6000 graphics? Medium or low settings?

  • Vebjørn Sletten

    Can this game be played on the new macbook pro? I downloaded it to my old and tiny macbook air from 2011. It just did not work, just scrambled text and som sounds that indicate some gameplay is supposed to happen. So this is the time to buy a new one.

  • James

    It states you need a 2.7ghz i5 quad core. Would the 2015 2.5ghz i7 quad core in the MacBook Pro meet these system requirements ? I have the 2500$ model with the 2GB Dedicated graphics. I’m just on the fence sense I believe a quad core i5 is only in iMacs ? Hope somebody can help me out, cheers!

  • Marcin Ożarek

    I was looking for Deluxe Edition for Mac but it’s only avalible for PC so no Civilization 6 for me 🙁