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Alien: Isolation’s Mac Version is Now Available

Feral Interactive just announced that survival-horror game, Alien: Isolation, is available for Mac and Linux.

The game was released today, October 27, 2015.

Alien: Isolation is different from most other video game adaptations of the Alien franchise. And unlike the mess that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, Alien: Isolation is not an action shooter, but a survival horror game.

Throughout most of the game, you will face a single Alien that is immune to your attacks. This will require you to use stealth tactics in order to survive. The game is full of jump scares too…

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But above all, many call it the most accomplished Alien game to date.

Alien Isolation Mac rumor

Alien: Isolation’s Mac port comes to us in the shape of “The Collection”. The Collection includes all DLC previously released: two stand-alone missions set aboard Ellen Ripley’s ship and five mission packs that add new maps, playable characters and challenges.

The Mac version was first spotted thanks to a SteamDB leak a few months ago. Developers love to remind us that SteamDB changes don’t mean anything, but history keeps proving the opposite (Shadow Warrior, Metro: Last Light and Arma 3 being the most recent examples).

This leaves us with EvolveDark Souls and Saints Row 2 and 3 still to be confirmed.


Alien: Isolation’s Mac requirements

Regarding the Mac’s system requirements, Alien: Isolation calls for:

  • OS: Mac OS 10.10.4 or later
  • CPU: 2.0 Ghz
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Graphics Card: AMD 5000 series graphics card or better, NVIDIA 600 series or better and Intel Iris Pro series graphics card or better.

Alien: Isolation was a demanding game on Windows and reading these requirements, we can expect the same for the Mac version. Luckily, Feral Interactive handled this port, and given their great track record, we should expect an optimized port. I will test the game very soon and report the results back to you.

Alien: Isolation is available on Steam (50% off right now) and should appear on the Mac App Store shortly. You can find more information of Feral’s dedicated minisite.

Are you eager to play it on Mac?

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  • Camilo López Cristoffanini

    Nice rumor man!
    I love playing survival horror games even if it’s difficult to play them due to the scary ambient…

  • Josh Hatchett

    Glad I didn’t buy this yet 😀

  • @th3taj:disqus @cami_lopezcr:disqus too bad this is still a rumor with absolutely no other news confirming it…. Besides a leak found on Reddit point towards a certain Mac porting company and hidden pages in their website…..

    • Camilo López Cristoffanini

      Well, now it is not a rumor!

      I’m already treeeemblinggggg….. hahahaha!

  • Adam Dagnall

    Great game on PS4, brilliant excuse to play again 🙂

    • Indeed, did you buy it for the Mac?

      • Adam Dagnall

        no but I’ve just checked and it’s on steam so on my list of things to do!

        • Let me know how it goes.

          • Adam Dagnall

            Purchased yesterday looks great, unable to run at 5K retina resolution as too slow on my iMac but still as good if not better than ps4 version. £39.99 for all the expansion packs as well so worth it i think

          • Can’t blame your iMac for that! 5K resolution is a lot and Isolation is a demanding game. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it though.

  • Tom Brolin

    I will buy Alien: Isolation.

    • Same here, just waiting for a definitive release date now…. (the game got delayed)

  • milomonkey

    a macbook air 2014 can run AI the window version using boot camp , but the same computer cant run the AI OSX version ? what the ?

    • Do you have it on Windows? From Steam? In that case you could try both versions and compare. And let us know, I’m sure more than a few around here are interested 😉

      • milomonkey

        i have it on windows 7 (Boot camp on my Macbook Air) , it is not from Steam , it is independent / boxed game .. but i dont think i would buy the mac osx version..

        • I completely understand man. If it was a Steam key, easy thanks to Steam Play but otherwise, no, no point in purchasing it twice…

  • milomonkey

    Check the graphic requirement.. it practically limit itself to the high end macs and left the older macs behind

    • Not sure about that, my 2013 Macbook Air does have a lot of trouble running the game on low settings, but I’m sure a newer MacBook with integrated graphics should be able to run this game at Medium settings just fine.

      • milomonkey

        Macbook Pro 13 would be better though , but even at lowest setting the game still deliver plenty in the window 7 bootcamp macbook

        • We will never know…. Unless I finally install Bootcamp / Windows and try it 🙂

  • Don’t sit on the fence guys, just pick this one up if your a fan of the franchise. It’s also one of the best looking games out there at higher resolutions.

  • Surprisingly, the game isn’t that demanding on Windows… I was able to play the game perfectly on a 550 Ti.

    • Did you ever try it on Mac? I think a 550 Ti should be able to run the game on medium settings.

      • Nope. I don’t own a Mac. But I played it maxed out on a 550 Ti and it played exceptionally well. Of course, now I have a 960 SC 2GB video card, so it plays even better now. xD

  • Crom!

    I got this running on my macbook pro mid 2012 pretty well. It seems that my Nvidia GT 650m 512mb is good enough for it. Although I have everything set to medium, no SSAO, FXAA, 2x filter, and rez set to 1366X768 on my Samsung 55″ 4k tv. I use the mini display-hdmi and xbox controller. The only problem is that the cooling goes nuts like a jet engine to cool the laptop.

    • Ric

      Yep, that’s unfortunately always the case (fans go crazy to keep the Macbook cool). I’m impressed that your card could handle it! Those are good news for other MacBook users.

      Could you give us a hint of how well it runs (frames per second)?

      • Crom!

        On mac OS the game will run but I always get a prompt stating that the game does not meet the minimum requirements. Despite that the game will run but after playing 5-10 mins the game always crash. On Bootcamp windows 10, the game runs without crashing. With the settings I mentioned before, I manage an average of 40 fps. Despite getting 40 Fps there are a lot of stuttering especially when making quick turns and this with Motion blur turned off. V-sync doesn’t make much of a difference. I suspect the stuttering comes from the thermal throliting of the CPU. Maybe a laptop cooler might fix it? Otherwise the game is very playable and it seems bootcamp mode would be the ideal way to run alien isolation on a macbook pro 2012 w/Nvidia 650m 512mb model.

  • Monty

    How can this be played with just a Apple wireless keyboard? No weapons can be fired with the Apple Magic Mouse as it does not have simultaneous or independent left and right click making me effectively unarmed against the alien and the droids. 🙁