World of Warcraft Legion, the latest expansion to the biggest MMO out there, is finally available. It was released on August 30, 2016, and as is often the case with Blizzard, both Mac and Windows versions were released simultaneously.

You can download Legion directly through (or give the World of Warcraft free Starter Edition a try).

World of Warcraft (WoW) continues to lose subscribers every year, but the Legion expansion is helping somewhat turn the tide.

Legion includes the same classic features you could expect from an expansion (a level cap raised to 110, a new Demon Hunter class, new areas to explore and more dungeons and raids). But Blizzard went the extra mile with Legion and also introduced  game-changing features, such as:

  • New legendary Artifact weapons
  • New PvP-specific talents
  • A new world-scaling leveling system
  • And Class Order Halls

This is enough to make World of Warcraft Legion for Mac one of the most exciting games this year and ensure it remains king among the top MMORPGs for Mac. Nearly every system has been overhauled and critics so far are liking it. A lot. That said, Guild Wars 2 for Mac is also a great MMO alternative, especially for those looking for a free-to-play game.

A much better Mac experience thanks to Metal

And Legion didn’t only improve the game itself. It also did wonders for the Mac version.

Last year Apple released Metal, a new graphics engine that should revolutionize graphics and gaming performance. Many high-profile developers were supposedly on board, but over a year later, not a single game supported it.

Well, World of Warcraft is officially the first game to support Metal. And you don’t even need to purchase Legion to benefit from it. But what does this mean for performance?

We used our internal FPS tracker (Count It) to test the game using both OpenGL and Metal:

WoW Mac Metal

The results speak for themselves. The Metal version of the game is 61% faster than the older OpenGL version.

During Legion’s beta phase, a Redditor compared both versions and found that the Metal version was 21% faster than the OpenGL version. It seems Blizzard has been hard at work making the Metal version even better.

Have you tried Legion or the latest WoW Metal version? Let us know how it’s going so far.