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Every week, we’ll send you the best gaming deals available. Get some of the best games (normally between $40-$60) for $5 or less.

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These are the type of free games you can expect (these are the most recent examples):

And don’t miss Orwell for free!

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 And remember, when we say “best deals”, we mean 70-80% off.

Access to our private group

This is where you ‘ll get to share your spare game keys with other gamers.

And for the record, this group is all about friendly gamers giving away and exchanging stuff. Buying or selling keys is strictly forbidden so don’t miss the opportunity to make friends and get games.

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How can Level Up Gamer be free?

Level Up Gamer (LUG) was initially created as a paid service last year, but I decided to change the model and relaunch LUG. Instead of asking you to pay, I want the stores to pay. You see, many of our featured games will be affiliates. This means that every time you buy a game by using our links, we will get a commission while (and don’t worry, you’ll always pay the best price).

If you ever wanted to support Mac Gamer HQ. This is the way to go.

Why the time limit?

Marketers like putting time limits to create a sense of urgency and get you to buy whatever they’re selling.

This service is free so there are no tricks here. We need to start off with a limited the number of users to keep the bills down (hosting and email provider mostly) until we fine-tune the service. LUG will open again in the future, I simply don’t know when.

What if my Mac is too old (or too slow)?

Not to worry, the vast majority of games featured here (be it free games or deals) won’t require a powerful or new machine.

Most of us have older MacBook and these games will run just fine on them. And if you do own a powerful machine with dedicated graphics, you’ll be able to max out the settings and enjoy great graphics!

Will it include my favorite genres?

Perhaps you don’t like shooters or violence in games. Or maybe you’re just into strategy games.

Don’t worry, a variety of genres and types of games will be featured every week. Level Up Gamers aims to appeal to everyone and I will make sure most preferences are covered.

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