Introducing Level Up Gamer 2.0 1

Introducing Level Up Gamer 2.0

Update: LUG has been discontinued as it required too much extra work for an unfortunately very limited number of subscribers.

I am deeply grateful to everyone that joined, be it for one month, a year, or more. But it is time I find more sustainable ways to support the site and keep it going for many more years to come. 

When I launched Mac Gamer HQ six years ago, I had no idea my little passion project could ever become this big. Mac Gamer HQ is today the biggest Mac gaming site in the world with over 85,000 monthly visits and 11,000 newsletter subscribers. And I couldn’t be prouder.

Growing this site has been a challenge requiring hundreds of hours of work and a lot of sweat. But we’ve managed to create the most in-depth and useful Mac gaming content out there.

Unfortunately, in spite of all the growth, Mac Gamer HQ is in serious trouble and won’t survive unless we make a big change…

Enter Level Up Gamer

Level Up Gamer (LUG) offers access to extra content from us, delivered weekly. At $5/month or $50/year, our most loyal readers will be able to enjoy exclusive perks and support Mac Gamer HQ along the way.

A Level Up Gamer membership includes:

  • A Weekly newsletter including the top Mac gaming deals and a new Mac game benchmark
  • A Monthly newsletter with exclusive content such as the Mac game of the month
  • Access to weekly giveaways
  • Access to a private chat room where you’ll have direct access to us
  • Help Mac Gamer HQ produce even better content (more on that below)

You can subscribe to LUG today:

Why Level Up Gamer?

Up until recently, the site was able to barely make it thanks to affiliate earnings. Unfortunately, those earnings went down the drain when Apple decided to kill their affiliate program.

Today, Mac Gamer HQ is effectively losing money every month

In parallel, I still have big plans for this site. I want to make it even better, with more in-depth guides, benchmarks, and reviews. I’ve said I would do everything I can to ensure Mac Gamer HQ continues to help readers for many more years and I meant it.

And to show you how serious I am, below you can see our official roadmap for the coming months: 

Introducing Level Up Gamer 2.0 2

But this can only be possible with Level Up Gamer. Level Up Gamer is really two things:

  1. A way to unlock additional content and perks for our most loyal readers.
  2. A chance to be an awesome reader and support Mac Gamer HQ (and our roadmap below) directly.

Mac Gamer HQ has always been a free resource and that won’t change anytime soon. But with enough supporters, LUG will help Mac Gamer HQ not only survive but thrive.

What to expect

Level Up Gamer (LUG) is essentially a series of newsletter packed with perks and exclusive content.

Introducing Level Up Gamer 2.0 3

A sample of Level Up Gamer Weekly Newsletters.

This is exactly what you can expect as a member once a month:

  • LUG’s Game of the Month: The top game released this month, including tests performed on several Mac models to help you figure out if your Mac can run it.
  • LUG’s Collections: Because it’s hard to find the top games among the thousands available on MacOS, we’ll dive into specific genres and share with you the top games, including, of course, benchmarks to help you figure out if your Mac can run it.
  • Interesting Links: A collection of other great Mac gaming resources from some of our friends.

And this is what you’ll receive every Thursday:

  • Deals of the week: The top 5 Mac gaming deals of the moment, often going as far as -70% off and a brand-new Mac game benchmark.

 As a member you’ll also have access to: 

  • Free games & Giveaways: Be part of several Mac games giveaways each month and get immediate alerts for when stores offer free games.
  • Private chat room: Join our private Discord server and chat with the Mac Gamer HQ team.
  • Q&As: Members will be able to send questions straight to me and the most popular questions will be answered here.

And this is only the beginning. As we get more members, we’ll have more funds to add more sections, features, and perks to Level Up Gamer.

How to subscribe

You can join Level Up Gamer with a $5/month or $50/year subscription below:

If you choose the annual option, you’ll effectively get two months for free (and a warm virtual hug from us!).

Disclaimer: LUG had a “soft” launch a couple of months ago, and while I’m very grateful for each and every subscriber, we are still too few (24 in total).

In all transparency, for LUG to work and Mac Gamer HQ to survive, we need at least 200 subscribers. That number can ensure that both LUG and Mac Gamer HQ can fully operate for years to come.

As security is critical for us, subscriptions are handled through a service called Memberful, which in turn uses Stripe, the most secure payments platform out there.

Your credit card information will be 100% safe as only Stripe will see and use that information. Stripe is a PCI-certified auditor and HTTPS is used across the board. I can personally guarantee that your email address will never be sold or spammed.

You’ll be of course free to cancel your subscription at any time by going to and logging in with your LUG account.

Thank you and welcome to this new adventure

Mac Gamer HQ has been a challenge since day one but I’ve been lucky enough to have the support of an excellent team of writers and contributors. Yet today we’re facing our biggest challenge yet.

Hopefully, Level Up Gamer will allow us to give more to our most loyal readers while making sure Mac Gamer HQ continues to deliver great free content for many years to come. If you love reading Mac Gamer HQ as much as we love making it, I hope you’ll consider becoming a Level Up Gamer member.

Readers have been asking for ways to make donations for years, but that never felt right to me. Not unless I could offer something great in return. If you ever wanted to support Mac Gamer HQ directly, this is your chance.

Thank you. I hope you will join us.

Ric Molina