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Mac Gaming Deals

A curated selection of 15 quality games with huge discounts


Do you only buy a few games per year because they’re so damn expensive? Or maybe you don’t know which ones are even worth it?

Mac Gaming Deals will solve both problems

For $4 per month, you’ll receive an email with 15 featured games every week. All heavily discounted, all excellent games worth their full price.

That’s 60 very cheap games to choose from every month.

Do the math: MGD can save you between $15 and $30 per game. Buy one game every three months and MGD pays for itself and saves you money.

This is an example of what you can expect every Thursday (all deals from last week):

75% off (save $22.50) Shooter

66% off (save $20) Action

76% off (save $15) Horror

80% off (save $32) Strategy

75% off (save $22.50) MMORPG

80% off (save $16) Adventure

80% off (save $24) Adventure

75% off (save $7.50) Shooter

80% off (save $16) Shooter

80% off (save $12) Adventure

76% off (save $15) Shooter

76% off (save $15) Action

80% off (save $16) Strategy

70% off (save $21) Horror

75% off (save $15) Simulation

BONUS 1: Never again miss a free game offer (last week, it was Shadow Warrior!)

BONUS 2: Be part of our exclusive giveaways (3 games up for grabs every month)

That’s a grand total of:

Dollars OFF per Game

Dollars Saved TOTAL


OFF on Average

Plus, Mac Gaming Deals will always follow these three principles:

<p>Most genres and styles will be covered. These deals should appeal to everyone!</p>

<p>Only games with <strong>big discounts</strong> (up to 80% off) from trustworthy stores.</p>

<p>No shovelware for the sake of adding more games. Only really good games will be included.</p>

But first things first… 

Why would I pay $4 a month when I’m trying to save money on games?

To be honest, MGD would have been a tough sell a few years ago. But to give you some context, I have to admit something I’m not very proud of:

I used to be a big time pirate.

I would illegally download most of my games because who has $60 for a game you may or may not like? Right? I was young, entitled, broke, and in college. And I was obviously wrong.

But it wasn’t my moral compass that steered me into the right direction. At first, it was because I wanted to play online and most illegally downloaded games can’t do that.

Then I slowly realized it was also a disservice to the entire community. I had to become a blogger to learn that obvious lesson… As I spent more time writing about video games, I understood creating games is not only hard work, it’s a bet that could kill an entire studio if it goes wrong.

My blog even allowed me to meet some developers. Feral and Aspyr first come to mind, but I met many others. Even the Fullbright Company, the studio behind Tacoma, took the time for a podcast interview once.

And then another thing happened. All those hours reading blogs and checking out stores showed me there are some killer deals out there. I’m talking about paying $5 for games that were $60 at one point.

That put the last nail in the torrenting games coffin. I now try to support those who make the games we love while trying to save money. Because although I deeply respect their work, I can’t run a blog and spend hundreds of dollars on games each month.

Finding these deals isn’t easy. You have to spend hours looking in the right places to find them. If hanging out in gaming blogs is already part of your day, MGD is not for you.

But if it isn’t, I will spend those hours looking for the best deals so you don’t have to. Mac Gaming Deals can help you save money without wasting your precious time

Or maybe you don’t know what to play next?

Perhaps paying the full price for a game isn’t too much of a problem for you, but finding a good game worth your time is. Mac Gaming Deals will help you with that too.

All featured games will have good scores from critics, good user reviews and/or have been personally tested and loved by yours truly.

What about free games?

Every so often, there are deals you cannot miss: free games. And I don’t mean giveaways with a few lucky winners or free-to-play games with a limited time.

I mean deals where everyone can get a free copy. And once you get it, you own it for life.

These deals never last long and you need to act fast before they disappear. They can come from anywhere and the only way to spot them is to visit the top gaming blogs and stores every day. Mac Gaming Deals will follow those for you and make sure you’re informed in time to claim your free copy.

And in case you still find this hard to believe, Shadow Warrior was free on the Humble Store just last week.

Making your life easier:

Only deals from trusted stores

<p>This makes my job harder, but who wants to deal with shady stores? Deals will come reputable stores only.</p>

Easy to install

Every featured game will come with clear instructions on how to  download and install it.

Private Facebook Group

Be part of a private  group where we can all share even more deals. Plus, you can ask me whatever you want there.

In summary, for $4 per month you’ll get:

  1. 15 recommendations every Thursday, all great games with a big discount
  2. Alerts when a store or developer is giving away games for free
  3. Alerts when Steam does a free-to-play weekend
  4. Be part of an exclusive monthly giveaway (3 games up for grabs)
  5. Be part of a private group where we’ll share even more deals

Subscriptions close in:








Mac Gaming Deals will be open for one week only.

<p>Mac Gaming Deals is a  new service that I’m sure will help many save a lot of money. But because I want it to be the best it can be, I will only open subscriptions for <strong>one week</strong>. If you subscribe now, you will benefit from the lowest price this service will ever be and help shape Mac Gaming Deals.</p>

Subscribe for $4

Remember: Mac Gaming Deals is backed by an ironclad 30-day guarantee. If you find that this isn’t for you for any reason, just email me and I will promptly return 100% of your payment. No questions asked.


Who is this for?

This clearly isn’t for everyone. Most of the deals I will share are out there, and you definitely can find them if you’re willing to put the time and effort each week. If you already spend a lot of time visiting the most popular online stores and reading several gaming blogs, you probably won’t need this. If you love playing games on your Mac but simply don’t have the time and patience to scour the net for deals, these deals will help you save money and make your life easier.

Does it include my favorite genre?

Worried that only games you’re not interested in will be featured? Perhaps you don’t like shooters or violence in games. Don’t worry, many different genres and types of games will be featured every week. These deals should appeal to everyone and I will make sure most  preferences are covered.

Are payments safe? I don't know Mac Gamer HQ that much...

You don’t have to worry. All payments and subscriptions will be handled by a service called Gumroad. Gumroad is a very safe and professional company and you can be certain they will protect your data and credit card number (or Paypal).

Does it work outside of the US?

Some deals will be exclusive to the US. There’s no way around it. However, 90% of deals featured in Mac Gaming Deals will work worldwide, so it doesn’t matter where you’re from.


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  • 1 FREE Month!

Would you like to support Mac Gamer HQ?

I don’t ask for donations and I don’t have a Patreaon account. However, if this service is of interest to you and you were looking for ways to help Mac Gamer HQ, subscribing to Mac Gaming Deals would help a lot.

This will help hire more writers, and as a bonus, finally remove all those crappy ads.

Mac Gaming Deals will be open for one week only.

<p>Mac Gaming Deals is a  new service that I’m sure will help many save a lot of money. But because I want it to be the best it can be, I will only open subscriptions for <strong>one week</strong>. If you subscribe now, you will benefit from the lowest price this service will ever be and help shape Mac Gaming Deals.</p>

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