Author: Steven Marx

Steven Marx has been playing games on the Macintosh since his brother brought home a used Mac 512k in 1986. He has been reviewing and writing about Mac games for over ten years, including for Inside Mac Games, MacNN and currently at Mac Gamer HQ where he writes and edits reviews and feature articles.
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SimCity Mac Review: Can your Mac run it? Should you try?

In 1989, the original SimCity created and defined the city building genre. Later versions built on the original winning formula, making the franchise one of the most successful and beloved among gamers. I personally spent uncounted hours with SimCity 2000, so when I heard it was coming back after a ten year hiatus, I was […]

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Minecraft Mac Review: Can Your Mac Run It?

When Minecraft burst onto the gaming scene in 2011, users were enchanted with the blocky graphics that allowed you to build anything you could imagine. Often described as building with Legos on the computer; it quickly became one of the most popular adventure games ever released on Mac. With a variety of different modes to […]

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