Author: Kirk Hiner

Kirk's love for Apple and Mac gaming lead him to in 1997, where he would eventually become editor. He was then hired to become editor of before it was bought out and shut down eight years later. During this time, he also contributed to GamerTell, Inside Mac Games, Mac Gamer’s Ledge, and Dealerscope. Kirk is now vice president of client services at Dynamics Online, Inc, and is also co-founder and managing editor of, a website dedicated to viewing, gaming, and browsing on the Apple TV device.
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The Top Mac games of March and April 2019 you shouldn’t miss

Looking for the latest and greatest? The best new Mac games available today? You’re in the right place. While we spend a lot of time covering the top games from recent years, it’s clear that the latest games are equally important. After all, they are the future of Mac gaming. Because hundreds of new games pop up […]

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