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Author: Kirk Hiner

Top 10 New February Mac games of 2018

February may be a short month, but it wasn’t short on great new Mac games. Whether you’re a fan of puzzle adventures, rogue-like dungeon crawlers, sci-fi mysteries or extreme sports, there was something for you. Plenty to keep both solo and multiplayer fans happy, too. You can of course always keep up with the latest releases by checking in on our New Mac Games Release calendar, but if you’d like a little more guidance, take a look at our list of the Top 10 Mac games of February 2018 (with a little bit of cheating). The 10 most exciting...

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10 Best Old Mac games: Revisiting the classics

Before digital downloads, finding the best Mac games wasn’t always easy. They were out there, but the Mac section of the computer game stores (they used to have those) seemed to stock nothing but “Mario Teaches Typing,” and the games that included Mac and Windows versions would inevitably be scattered around the “PC” sections of the store. As such, compiling a list of the best classic Mac games is pretty tough. That didn’t stop us from doing it. And because we want you to actually play these games, we made sure you can still buy them all in either...

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