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Author: Resident Author

Limbo Mac Review

Since it's release on PC back in 2011, this is a game I have been looking forward to playing. As you can imagine, I was very excited when developer Playdead announced they would be releasing the game multi-platform. Once I started playing I couldn't stop. I was completely hooked with its unique-style graphics and simple but engrossing gameplay. The game’s description on Steam doesn't give you much of a clue to what Limbo is about – 'Uncertain of his Sister's fate, a Boy enters LIMBO' – and while playing Limbo, I realized that ultimately the plot remains unexplained. Despite the loose ends, you...

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Mac Review

It’s rare in this current climate of games when I'm actually compelled to finish a game, let alone replay it on numerous occasions like I have with Batman Arkham Asylum's Mac version. Upon examining what’s drawn me back on numerous occasions, I have come to the conclusion it is because of the story, gameplay, and atmosphere. In this third-person action game, you play as the Dark Knight, who’s about the encounter the longest night of his life within Arkham Asylum. The Joker has broken free and Batman as always captures him and returns him to the madhouse (Arkham) only...

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Star Wars: The Old Republic for Mac, where is it?

For as long as I can remember I have been a Star Wars fan, still buzz from playing Jedi Knight Academy, Jedi Outcast, Republic Commando and KOTOR I & II. These are in my opinion the cornerstones of the Star Wars franchise in regards to games. I will probably get slaughtered for this but KOTOR II actually ended a relationship I was in when I was 19 because I couldn't pull myself away from playing it. That’s how much Star Wars affects me. It pulls me in and immerses me so I lose all perception of space and time....

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Mac Review

XCOM: Enemy Unknown developed by 2K Games and published for the Mac by Feral Interactive is the long-awaited reboot of the critically acclaimed sci-fi turn-based strategy game, XCOM: UFO Defense. Luckily this isn't any old version released on our fine platform, it is the Elite Edition. The Elite Edition includes the base game and all previously released DLC: two extra content packs, the game's soundtrack and a selection of desktop backgrounds and ringtones. Feral certainly make sure you get plenty of bang for the buck. Enter XCOM: Enemy Unknown You play as the commander of an elite military organization known as...

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