Why gaming on a Mac?

I guess it’s a fair question. After all, there’s a reason why so many people ask it… There are more games on PC, they run better (for the most part), they have bigger communities and they are cheaper.

If you are a real gamer, why are you playing on a Mac?

After the 100th time hearing this question, I decided it was a time to answer it. Not only for this person (a YouTube commenter in this case), but mostly for myself. After all, I am writing about mac gaming every week!

The answer is simple and you may not agree with it but that’s ok, this answer is mine and mine only.


The Mac platform is the best for me, all around

I love the mac platform. I love it when I’m checking my feeds with Reeder, when I’m retouching photos on Aperture or when I’m just  listening to music with iTunes. I find it elegant, simple, and in my experience, “it just works”.

When it comes to gaming, the mac platform may not be the best, and will probably never be. However, to use OS X is such a joy day in and day out that I don’t care if I can’t play all the greatest and latest as soon as they come out.

I can still play great games, some of the best actually, with little to no compromises. Each year, there’re more great games on the Mac and the fact I can do it all from OS X makes me forget about the weaknesses people love to point out (price, availability, performance, whatever) and stick with mac gaming.

Mac games Borderlands 2

“I don’t care if I can’t play Black Ops 2 on the Mac as long as I can keep shooting things in the face with my pals in Borderlands 2!”


What is the deal with Mac Gamer HQ?

Answering this question makes the existence of Mac Gamer HQ even clearer. I want to share this feeling with everyone I can and help out those who think:

I would like to try a Mac but I don’t want to give up on gaming.

That’s just a lie, and I hope this site will help me get the word out. You can play many of the best games out there, right now. Not ready to take my word for it? Check our Top 100 Mac games page and I bet you will be surprised! If the game you want to play does not exist on the Mac, you still have more than one way to play it on your mac (you can check this guide for instance).

After thinking this through, I decided I will also submit this “rant” to Reddit, the toughest crowd I know. Why? Because there’s a chance some will connect with this message, because they feel the same way.

If not, It will get trashed… Hey, it wouldn’t be the first time! 😉

  • http://ikir.ikirsector.it ikir

    We have enough games to entertain any taste, “mac are not for gaming” it is one of the same stupid legend about Mac.
    I think it is the best platform to play, especially in a few years with faster 3D drivers and more titles. Stable as rock, multitasking excellence, Mac gaming must exploded soon.

    • Ric M

      Thank you for your comment, I like your enthusiasm! I honestly don’t think Mac gaming will ever be the most popular platform ever, but that’s ok, as we, mac users enjoy not being like “everyone else” 😉
      I do think you hit the spot regarding the graphics drivers. That is I think, my number one pain on Mac right now….

      • http://ikir.ikirsector.it ikir

        Yes i agree! Thanks to you for an awesome blog like this :-)
        Ah 3D drivers are already muchc better than few years ago, check this
        10.8 is quite faster than 10.6 on the same machine, and these results are not updated, you will probably see a boost with 10.8.3 for some gfx drivers.

        • Ric M

          Thank you for the kind words! I checked out your link, very interesting! I will check it out in more detail once I’m back from holidays (ipads are cool but not practical to really get stuff done IMO….).
          I think I heard about your blog in the IMG forums, sad to hear you guys stopped! If you ever have something to share with the mac gaming community, I would gladly have you as a guest here! Cheers!

  • Adam

    On mac i play World of Warcraft Cataclysm , League of Legends (ilol) , and one of the best horror games: Amnesia The Dark Descent,

    My videocard had 512mb and, wow runs 120 fps, graphic bar – high
    I think macs are very good for gaming ! 😀

    • http://macgamerhq.com Ric M

      That’s a good example! Glad to see I’m not the only happy mac gamer around 😉

      What macbook do you have?

  • Luca

    Your reviews are awesome, and articles like this are too! I just wish I could use PhysX on my mac for Borderlands 2.

    Glad I found this gem of a site!

    • http://macgamerhq.com Ric Molina

      Thank you very much for the kind words! Don’t forget to share it with your Apple-fans friends too :)

      I was checking the PhysX features on the GeForce website and indeed, they look pretty awesome… However, I’m not gonna lie to you, I didn’t notice a big difference on Borderlands 2 when I tried it on PC and Mac back to back…

  • Marc

    I’m a gamer. And I switched from PC to Mac in 2012. How could I do that? For the same reasons as mentioned above: I like the platform.
    It is hard to describe and even more hard to understand, but I like the fact that gaming on Mac is limited to a certain amount of games. Less games to choose from makes me feel better because I do not need to feel bad that I did not play a lot of them as on PC. And I do not care if games are released later on the Mac. A good game is a good game (for me).

    Sure I miss some good games, but I do that on PC also. Metal Gear Solid, God of War, Halo, insert any Console-exclusive game here. How much time do you need to play ALL games with a Metascore of i.e. 83 and above. Regardless of the Platform. You cannot do that with family, work, etc.

    So I play the games that my Platform offers me, and there is a whole bunch of games that are really good on the Mac. Not to mention, as you did, that more and more are coming. XCOM-EU, Bioshock Infinite…. The Blockbusters are coming.

    • http://macgamerhq.com Ric Molina

      Hey Marc, to be honest I never though about that argument but I definitely relate to it!

      I feel less pressure too now that I do 99% of my gaming on my Mac. I mean, there’s just enough great games to keep my busy: Borderlands 2, StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, then XCOM, BioShock Infinite….

      I guess at the end, life takes over and finding playing-time gets more difficult. I rather have less games to play but a great platform to do everything else than the opposite 😉

      Cheers Marc!