Mac Gaming: Steam Powered

Mac gamers are taking up a bigger space in the world of gaming than ever before. For years, Mac users have had to suffer through gaming irrelevance, but the tide is turning. Shack News reports that statistics released by Valve, the developers of the popular Steam gaming service, reveal that 11 percent of all Steam purchases are made by Mac users.

In response to the growing audience of Mac gamers, Valve has stated that all their future game releases with be simultaneous for Mac and Windows users. Members of the Mac community are entering a Steam-powered golden age of gaming. Here are the top games available for the Mac through Steam.


The Walking Dead

400 Days Mac

Plenty of ink has been spilled across the Internet about “The Walking Dead,” a game adaptation of the zombie-infested world of Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” comic series. Hailed as a revitalizing shot in the arm for the comatose adventure game genre, “The Walking Dead” has won more than 80 “Game of the Year” awards, and Entertainment Weekly notes it also won five awards at the 10th annual Spike Video Game Awards in 2012.

“The Walking Dead” is primarily a story-driven experience that focuses on decision-making and building your emotional investment in characters — and you will become invested. Phrases such as, “Clementine will remember that,” will be a source of anguish for years to come. Told in five chapters, “The Walking Dead” is available for the Mac, but, like Break’s funny video app, is also available for the iOS, which makes gaming on the go a breeze. Check our brief gameplay video here.

Price: $24.99 (Find it here)


Team Fortress 2

Addicting games Team Fortress 2

Released back in 2007, “Team Fortress 2” is a mayhem-infused multiplayer shoot-out that should be in every Steam player’s library without hesitation. “Team Fortress 2″ is a terrifically fun cooperative experience that pits you and your faction against other players or waves of NPCs.

Choose among the many classes, including Engineer, Soldier, Spy, and Pyro, and jump head-long into the frantic multiplayer brawl. Still regularly updated, “TF2″ shifted the focus of first-person shooters away from kill versus death ratio scoring and death matches, creating a strong community of players devoted to the title. Best of all, “Team Fortress 2″ is free to play, showing just how much Valve loves you. Did we mention all the cool hats?

Price: Free (Find it here)


XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Mac games

“XCOM: Enemy Unknown” is the epitome of addicting strategy games. As the commander of a secret parliamentary organization, you must defend the world against an alien invasion with combat strategies and unit-specific tactics. You also must manage your resources and learn from alien technology, all while keeping track and commanding your troops. The fate of the human race is in your hands.

The original “XCOM” is one of the most highly regarded strategy games, and the evolution of “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” takes it to a new level. The immersive story, turn-based gameplay and single or multi-player options take you through 70 missions spanning throughout the globe. This game has a metacritic score of 89 and has won multiple “Best of”, “Game of the Year” awards and is one of our favorite games this year. You definitely have to add this to your strategy game library. Read our review for more.

Price: $39.99 (Find it here)


Borderlands 2

Mac games Borderlands 2

“Borderlands 2″ is an insane multiplayer co-op shooter packed with adrenaline-surging action, surreal humor and more weapons than you could ever collect. The sequel to the acclaimed “Borderlands,” “Borderlands 2″ does everything the first game did right, but better.

The sequel is long on crazy and short on plot. Kill the evil Jack, save the planet Pandora. Along the way, you’ll fight Skags, Psychos, Zombies and Midgets. While “Borderlands 2″ skirts the edge of the weird cliff frequently, that doesn’t mean it’s a shallow experience.

With ample additional DLC, “Borderlands 2″ is a game you’ll come back to over and over. There’s a reason this game was our 2012 Game of the Year and part of our Top 5 Mac First-Person Shooters. Grab a few friends to come with you, and it might be the only game you play for a long time. Check out our review for more.

Price: $29.99  (Find it here)


BioShock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite Mac games

“BioShock Infinite” is a first-person shooter game focused on a deep story and an unique universe. Third act of the famous BioShock series, “BioShock Infinite” drastically moves away from the underwater city of Rapture (see in previous games of the series) and invite you to the fascinating flying-city of Columbia. Using impressive graphics, solid gameplay  and great sound effects, BioShock Infinite tells a memorable story, full of twists. One that will keep you at the edge of your sit.

Scoring a 94 Metascore and awarded with one of the highest scores at Mac Gamer HQ, BioShock Infinite is not only one of the overall best games this year, it is one of the finest games you can play on you Mac, ever. Check out our review for more.

Price: $39.99  (Find it here)


Whether you’re a seasoned hardcore gamer or a beginner looking for an easy start, there is a Mac-compatible game for you on Steam. Steam is a leader in the computer gaming market and has been a huge part of Mac gaming’s renaissance, pushing developers to support not only the PC platform but also the Mac and Linux. Steam is sure to bring many more enjoyable games to the table and thanks to killer-features such as Steam-enabled games and Family sharing, it definitely deserves your full attention.

Are you a heavy Steam user? What is your favorite platform to buy Mac games?


  • Chris Tallant

    Steam and Desura and the two I use the most on my mac. As for best game playing on a Mac – I’m partial to Sanctum which made me upset when Sanctum 2 is PC only. However, most time spent is still World of Warcraft, Team Fortress 2, and Garry’s Mod…

    • Th3taJ

      Desura? Never heard of that. Steam tends to be my primary gaming client, but I’ll definitely look into Desura!

      • Chris Tallant

        Desura isn’t bad, but it’s more geared toward indie stuff.. They don’t have a dedicated client like Steam (yet..) but it’s still viable enough to check out if you enjoy indie games..

        • Th3taJ

          Well, I’m not against the idea of not needing to separate clients and I love Indie games! Thanks for the link Chris :)

          • Chris Tallant

            Anytime, bud! The one thing I will say, is many of the games on Desura, are indie games that are currently in GreenLight on Steam…so if you get them cheap (or free – usually) on Desura and vote for them on Steam, let the Dev’s know, and they’re usually more than happy to send a Steam key to you once they’re live in the Steam store…

          • Th3taJ

            Awesome! That rarely happens with developers. I have an issue where I bought Borderlands 1 on steam and can’t getting running on OS X, but Borderlands can run on the operating system…it sucks!

  • Chris Tallant

    Also, with the latest news about Gabe Newell pimping Linux as “The gaming platform of the future” (especially after the hatred he spewed about Windows 8 – but I can’t blame him for that,) Mac gamers have even more reasons to rejoice: Linux games (for the most part) run quite well on Mac systems. If one takes a look at the Steam games for Mac and Linux, you’ll see they mesh together overall… This is a good time for gamers and more bright lights ahead for Mac users.