Best Kickstarter Games for Mac

Kickstarter has given game developers, and gamers, a good opportunity to make the games they want. This community based game developing is a fascinating method to make things finally happen. Gamers get the games they want, and game developers are more than happy to make them.

Kickstarter also provides funding for the developers as the devs make the game, and this means the games will have more chances to actually see the light of day. With the Mac becoming an increasingly bigger market for game developers, it’s essential to have a native Mac port.

Here are a few games that I feel have a lot of promise.


Battle World: Kronos

Battle World Kronos is a turn based strategy game inspired from classics such as Battle Isle and Advance Wars. KING Art Games hopes to revive the point ‘n’ click war games. Featuring large maps and a large number of individual and uniquegameplay units, BW:K promises strategy based gameplay. The developers want to bring out the strategy aspect of the gameplay which is its main focus. The single player features a huge campaign, but the multiplayer is where all the fun lies. With asynchronous multiplayer, you can play the game in your time. Once you make your move, your opponent is notified of your move, and he can make his move anytime he logs in. The graphics are stunning, and with the gameplay the main focus of the game, Battle World: Kronos has huge potential.

Available for Mac, PC, Linux+Web Browser.

Kickstarter Fund: $260,235

Status: Funded


Project Eternity

This is a mega RPG game made the right way-with community help. By putting Project Eternity on Kickstarter, Obsidian studios doesn’t only get funding from the gamers, they also get ideas, and improvements for the game. Project Eternity was inspired by classic games such as Baldurs Gate and Icewind Dale. With an absolutely mind-blowingly large number of gameplay elements, this game is incredibly complex and deep. The developer team consists of people who have worked on games such as Fallout, Icewind Dale, Arcanum, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2, and the like. Along with the mega budget this game has, nothing can go wrong.

Available on Mac, PC, Linux

Kickstarter Fund: $3,986,929

Status: Funded


Road Redemption

Fan of Road Rash? Right, step this way. DarkSeas Games has done something we’ve all dreamt of doing: Reinventing Road Rash. With a relatively small budget, DarkSeas Games has done a great job of moving Road Rash into the modern world. With much better 3D graphics, modern weapons and maps, Road Redemption is a perfectly judged modern version of Road Rash. With multiplayer, it really does redefine the term “online fun”. Players can form form gangs and have races with other gangs online. It’s a brilliantly executed game.

Available for Mac, PC, Linux, Wii U

Kickstarter fund: $114,004

Status: Funded


Battle of Britain Videogame: THE FEW

Battle of Britian Videogame: THE FEW is a top down RTS(Real Time Shooter) that hopes to recreate the Battle of Britain. The game closely follows the real timeline of the war as it occurred, so this will be an action packed game. Not only does the player control the aircraft, you can also manage the strategic aspect of war production, position of anti aircraft games, and the radar. With 8 different aircraft spread over 5 different air forces, you are defending against the German bombing raids. The graphics are very well executed, and the gameplay looks fun as well.

Available for Mac, PC, and for iOS and Android in the future.

Kickstarter Fund: £1,750

Status: Funding ends on May 30, 2013


Race the Sun

Race the Sun is a stunning flying/racing game through a sandbox world that has a truly unique gameplay experience. The graphics are truly insane, and the concept completely out of this world-literally. You’re in control of a solar powered craft, racing against the sunset in a beautiful rapidly changing environment, navigating through obstacles and picking up powerups. Race the Sun redefines the whole arcade racing genre, with visuals that surpass anything that I have ever seen so far. There isn’t any competitive multiplayer yet, only asynchronous co-op play. Race the Sun also includes a world creater, allowing you to build your own worlds or game modes. It also has compatibility for an iOS remote(BrassMonkey). This game has a lot of potential, and it promises to be a lot of fun.

Available for Mac, PC, and Linux.

Kickstarter Fund: $20,000

 Status: Funded


Star Command

“Star Command is a spaceship management game for iOS, Android and now for PC/Mac. Build your ship, hire your crew, explore the galaxy!” I really don’t need to add anymore to this really. Oh wait, it’s all in pixel art. Click here to buy. Spaceship management games are coming back to the Mac, and Star Command could be the best of the lot. Star Command is just as good as Faster Than Light, if not better. With a dash of humor and with its own unique soundtrack, this game is one of the best recent indie game efforts to date. Although there isn’t any multiplayer support yet, the single player is entertaining enough.

Available for iOS, Android, Mac, PC

Kickstarter Fund: $151,806

Status: Funded.


Project Godus

Project Godus brings back the genre of God games. It’s always nice to play with a world where you have infinite power. But what makes this game stand out are the uniquely simple graphics. Almost cartoon like, they look a lot like stop motions animations. Although only the alpha footage is available as of now, 22cans has promised a lot of gameplay elements. Looks very promising.

Available for Mac, PC, iOS, Android.

Kickstarter Fund: £526,563

Status: Funded


Back to Bed

Back to bed is a 3d platform puzzler in a fantasy dream world consisting of optical illusions and many challenges. It’s well executed, and it has a great story. The game is about Bob, who sleepwalks. His subconscious self, Subob has to help Bob through his sleepwalking adventures. It is a lot of fun to play, and will definitely put a smile on your face. Made with a small budget, this was a collaboration of students from different universities. It has also won many indie game awards. It’s similar to Portal, only that it’s based on a better, and different story. No multiplayer though.

Available for Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Ouya

Kickstarter fund: $13,312

Status: Funded.


Edge of Space

Edge of Space is a 2D platformer sandbox hybrid, much like Worms. But the difference is that EoS is just plain violent-in a fun way. So many more weapons, challenging maps, and various enemies and challenges make this much more fun. Using pixel art, EoS brings back memories of those challenging old-school games. But the best bit is that EoS has multiplayer, so you can explore your environment with friends and blow each other up is necessary. HandyMan Studios has done a brilliant job.

Available on Mac, PC

Kickstarter Fund: $35,495

Status: Funded



Artizens is a unique platform side-scroller that’s a bit like an RPG in 2D. It’s a new concept, and it’s a well executed one. Players fight each other, and mythical creatures. With a large collection of weapons and character add-ons, players can build their own unique online character and fight alongside your friends. There’s also a nice touch where you can trade character parts and even make your own. It’s an interesting idea, and certainly looks like a lot of fun.

Available for Mac, PC, Linux

Kickstarter Fund: $52,616

Status: Funded


Of course, there are many more awesome games out on Kickstarter for the Mac that deserve funding, and new ones are being listed everyday, so keep an eye out! We will do our best to give these games the coverage they deserve!