Why you should care about the Playstation 4 reveal

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a big chance you’re either gaming on Mac or Windows. There’s an even bigger chance that as a PC gamer (PC, as in personal computer), you wonder why you should care about the big PlayStation 4 reveal. Well, to put it briefly: the next-generation consoles will finally unlock the next-generation gaming on PCs and Macs too!


How the next generation consoles will change everything

Mac gaming is usually compared to Windows gaming because they have a lot in common (much more than with consoles). However, the link between consoles and PC gaming has never been clearer. In the past, PC gaming (to make things clear, I am referring to PC gaming for both Mac and Windows) used to lead the way in terms of high-performance and high-end graphics, especially near the end of a console’s life-cycle. Basically, the PC would dictate what the next-generation gaming would look and play like. This of course, was completely normal and understandable, as a top of the line PC will always be more powerful than a 5-year-old machine!

However, with the current generation of consoles, things radically changed. With the huge success of both the Xbox 360 and PS3 in terms of sales (over 75 millions units sold each!), developers started to focus more and more on them and decided to develop multi-platform games. Why? Because multi-platform games maximise sales opportunities easily (instead of developing from the ground up for each platform)! It’s good business and I understand it, however innovation took a hit. Multi-platform game development and the success of consoles is what changed everything. As consoles became the main target for most developers and publishers, most games would be designed around consoles, or put differently: with the power and graphics capabilities of 6-year old machines in mind.Video-gaming has hit the ceiling. This whole point was recently discussed at The Verge’s Playstation 4 preview.


Enter the next-generation

The Witcher 3 coming to the Mac?

We could conclude the state of PC gaming is bad and call it a day. But not so fast! With the next-generation consoles coming later this year, PC-gaming will finally benefit from this whole situation. Hear me out: Developers will continue focusing on consoles (remember, they will always target the biggest markets in order to increase their earning potential), but soon they will have a lot more to play with in terms of technology. With way more powerful consoles available, the limits set by the Xbox 360 and PS3 will disappear in a heart-beat. Prepare to see bigger, better and more sophisticated multi-platform games coming soon. Take for example The Witcher 3, which will be released on “all high-end platforms” according to its developer. Now that it has been confirmed for the PS4, CD Projekt RED will surely take things to the next level. Sure, The Witcher 2 was a good-looking game, but only compared to today’s (low?) standards. Another example of next-generation experiences to come is Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. Just check the gameplay below and tell this game does look impressive:

With an end of year release date for the PS4, developers are working on next-generation titles as we speak. Prepare to hear exiting news for the video-gaming industry in the months to come.


Is the Next-generation coming to the Mac?

Mac gaming is very close to Windows gaming so it’s fair to guess that when next-generation hits the PC, it will hit the Mac too.

This is only a guess but I believe the main Mac porting companies will be crucial here. If Aspyr and Feral have what it takes to bring next-generation games and engines to the Mac “easily”, perhaps we will get to play next-generation games on our Macs in 2013. I fully trust both Feral and Aspyr and I believe the games they have brought to the Mac are living proof that they know what they are doing.

Feral's upcoming Mac games

“What will Feral bring next?”

Now, that would be a perfect way to test the still unannounced 2013 Mac Pros 😉 .


  • http://www.controlcommandescape.com Ninja Foodstuff

    Well one of the things about The Witcher 2 was that it specifically targeted PCs as its primary platform, with a console release only as an afterthought.

    The potentially interesting thing about PS4 is that it’s Intel Inside, so porting games to Macs might well be relatively easy.

    • http://macgamerhq.com Ric Molina

      Thanks for the comment Ninja Foodstuff. You got that right, The Witcher 2 is one of those HUGE exceptions in which the the game was developed mainly for the PC. It was still ported to consoles and the rumors actually began before the PC release so perhaps the PC release “suffered” a bit too …

      But I do agree with you, with intel processors, the PS4 will have more in common with the Mac than the PS3. However Intel inside probably means developers will use DirectX even more.

      • http://www.controlcommandescape.com Ninja Foodstuff

        I wouldn’t be so sure about DirectX. I can’t see Sony utilising a proprietary Microsoft framework as the basis for their gaming platform. It seems more likely they’d come up with their own, or maybe even use OpenGL/OpenCL, which of course would make Mac portability extremely likely.

        • http://macgamerhq.com Ric Molina

          We could only hope PS4 developers will use OpenGL/OpenCL a little more! Maybe first-party PS4 developers will use it more but I was thinking mainly in third-party developers, getting ready to launch multiplatform games (XBox 720, PS4 and Windows). I bet they will work around DirectX even more (hope I’m wrong)….