It’s official, indie superstar Terraria is coming to Mac tomorrow, July 23.

The news come directly from developer Re-Logic, who also warns that both Mac and Linux versions will be available in beta form (read: not quite finished and potentially full of bugs).

Beta or not, these are certainly great news, as Terraria has been in many Mac gamers’ wish list for a while. The game was first spotted on our radar months ago, but I’m glad to finally get a definitive release date. It’s still unclear how the beta will work, but the developer promises more information tomorrow:


About the game

Terraria is an open-ended sandbox game that revolves around exploration, building and fighting. You will have to dig, build and fight your way to bosses, caves and mysteries. The game uses a graphical style reminiscent of the 16-bit era and feels like Minecraft in 2D.

Both the Mac and Linux versions are part of version 1.3, which is a huge update that includes graphical changes (with re-imagined sprites and backgrounds), new features and new content. For more information about Terraria 1.3, you can check the official change log or simply watch the official trailer below:

You can get it from (DRM free!):

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