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Rocket League is Finally Available on Mac

This one was long overdue but Rocket League was finally released on Mac on September 8, 2016.

You can download the game on Steam.

Rocket League, the extremely popular game that combines football and supersonic battle-cars, was about to become another Mac gaming sad story (you know, those games that were announced but never released, like Star Wars: The Old Republic).

Luckily, developer Psyonix released Rocket League’s Mac release in Beta version, along with their huge Rumble Update:

Yes, it’s really happening! After several delays (and our sincerest apologies about that, btw), the SteamOS and Mac versions of the game will finally be available for download. An important thing to note, however, is that both versions are still considered “beta,” with a handful of known issues that we’ve detailed below.

The known Mac issues so far are:

  • The correct store page for DLC purchased through the Showroom doesn’t show up for Big Picture users
  • There are occasional crashes when exiting from a match to the main menu
  • The statues in Urban Central do not display correctly
  • You may experience intermittent blurring issues
  • Xbox 360 controllers won’t work without a third-party driver

In case you just joined us, Rocket League was first announced in August 2015. Then it was confirmed for December 2015. Then it was delayed to Q2 2016. And then it was supposed to come 6 to 8 weeks later. And now, it’s here in Beta.

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Rocket League is one of the hottest games right now and I can’t wait to play it on Mac. That said, so many delays to finally release a beta version? That’s disappointing.

But the real question is…


Is it too late?

Exactly the same thing is happening with Total War: Warhammer. Except Rocket League is mainly a Multiplayer game that thrived because of a huge community of diehard fans. What is the point of getting a Multiplayer game if everyone has moved on to something else?

This could be another case of Call of Duty: Black Ops (you know, a “I can’t find a single match with enough players” situation). Not good.

But there’s already Windows and PS4 cross-platform multiplayer (with Xbox One cross-platform next in line). Plus, this huge update includes exciting features such as Party Chat, Battle-Car Presets and Enhanced Team Customization, and more. I’m confident that Rocket League will remain a popular choice on Steam for some time.


Word of caution

Rocket League has the potential to become one of the best Mac games today. Still, this is why you should never buy a game based on a “promise”. You should always wait until the Mac version is officially out before taking out your wallet. I bought it months ago and I can tell you, I feel stupid. Things ended well this time, but why risk it?

You can purchase Rocket League Mac version on Steam.

In any case, are you planning on buying Rocket League? If so, join me on Discord because I will be looking for Multiplayer buddies. 😉

  • staraffinity

    Really hooked on playing it on PS4. Will be great to have a OS X version of the game too. Hopefully it runs well without the need of too much hardware. But I feel the graphics in the game aren’t that complex (at least not polygon wise). And hopefully it will support both Metal and OpenGL.

    • Ric

      I wouldn’t cross my fingers for Metal support. In any case, can’t wait to get my hands on it (as I refuse to play it on Windows,I’m still waiting!).

  • Ric

    Yep, but limited to 720p I believe?

  • sean

    Bootcamped windows just to play. Got tired of waiting

    • Harley Smith

      does it play okay with bootcamp?

      • Nirvanes

        It plays far better on bootcamp than in macOS. The minimum ram requirement on Mac is 8gb, on windows is 2gb… it’s absurd.

        I can run the game at almost 60fps stable on bootcamp, and on macOS it runs like 30/40.

  • Salz

    I also downloaded bootcamp.
    But takes 15 mins to turn off mac and go into windows

    • Pijus Navickas

      Weird, mine takes like 30 seconds to halt and boot into Windows. Same the other way around. The only downside is that all my Mac applications are closed as a result.

  • Jose Ramon Cano Yribarren

    It’s officially August 2016. Happy birthday to the delay in Rocket League for mac! 365 days pushing and pushing the release date. A slow and sarcastic applause to Psyonix. Don’t get me wrong, I understand delays like the most, but A WHOLE YEAR of delay, while there have been dozens of updates, that’s just not giving a single f— and spitting the mac users on the face (and specially the Steam OS who were going to get a copy by buying a Steam machine ages ago!). If you ask me, I would have put a little bit of effort on porting instead of creating more and more and more antennas and hats, and ridiculous cars… But that’s just me. See you guys, I’ll check again in August 2017 😉

    • NathanB

      Any source for that information ?

      • Ric

        Nothing official regarding dates. The only official information from the dev is that it’s coming, but they can’t say when (this was also confirmed to me by one of Psyonix’s heads).

        • PFGamer_11

          Almost september 2016… no comments.

          • Juan Gerardo Ruelas Jr.

            just downloaded it today

          • martin delgado

            what computer are you playing on?

          • Juan Gerardo Ruelas Jr.

            MacBook pro 15inch retina display late 2013

  • Maria Almira Samson Cleofe

    How do we get to have a beta version? I’m a mac user and I’ve been waiting ages for this! If it means I get to play the game, albeit the bugs, I wouldn’t mind being part of the experimental players.

    • martin delgado

      do you know if i will be able to play RL on my MacBook Pro?

      • Maria Almira Samson Cleofe

        It’s already available for Mac via Steam. Enjoy!

  • Alex Carr

    I play a lot of it on my Win 7 PC. It is an awesome game.