Napoleon: Total War coming to the Mac!

Total War games on Mac have always been a source of mixed feelings for me. On the one side, you are glad to have a Total War game available for your favorite platform. On the other hand… Well, it just sucks you have to play the old versions!


Enter Napoleon: Total War on Mac

Feral Entertainment is partially fixing this by bringing Napoleon: Total War Gold Edition to the Mac. The game is not yet available for pre-order but you can subscribe at Feral to get the latest news here.

Napoleon Total War Mac

Soon, on the Mac!

We still don’t know much about this game, except it will include everything available today on PC:

Napoleon: Total War – Gold Edition contains the base game and all the updates, improvements and downloadable content including the unit packs and the Peninsular Campaign, which sees Napoleon battle for control of the Iberian Peninsular with the allied forces of Spain, the United Kingdom and Portugal.

Napoleon: Total War was originally released on PC on February 2010 by Sega. It has been well received all-around, scoring an 81 Metascore.


Check out the official video:

Are you a fan of the Total War games? Which one is your favorite?


  • Jeremy

    have only played Total War: Rome, but enjoyed it. wish they were released for Mac on Steam, but Feral will never let that happen.

    • Ric M

      That’s a question I have to ask Feral one of these days…. “When will you embrace Steam Play?!” But as said by Aspyr not long ago, it gets harder and harder for developers and publishers to support both the App Store and Steam.