Is Max Payne 3 coming to the Mac?

It looks like Rockstar is thinking on bringing Max Payne 3 to the Mac. These news are not official at all as of today. In fact, the information comes from a Steam’s database leak!

According to a RockstarNexus reader:

A recent update to Steam’s game database has revealed Rockstar is in the testing stages of an OSX port of Max Payne 3 using TransGaming’s Cider technology. The tech has been used in the past to bring other Rockstar titles to OSX such as the Grand Theft Auto III trilogy. While the port has not yet been officially announced, the evidence is pretty solid. The Steam database has been the source for a number of title leaks in the past and the entries are created by the developers themselves. No word yet on when to expect a release so stay tuned.

Official or not, I would love it if this game comes to the Mac. It did not only get solid reviews everywhere (an 87 Metascore), I also had the chance to play it on the Xbox 360 and loved it. You can definitely feel Rockstar’s touch as soon as you start the campaign. The vibe, the graphics, the gameplay… It all breads Grand Theft Auto IV (which is a good thing of course).

I have to agree with Ninja Foodstuff,though, I too wonder why developers won’t give a proper announcements to their Mac versions instead of just letting Steam leak the information…

Let’s see when this becomes official, stay tuned!