Hitman’s Mac version is coming, at least according to recent leaks.

And this is the latest Hitman, the stealth / assassination game released in 2016 for Windows and consoles.

This latest adventure puts you back in the shoes of Agent 47 and asks you to perform hits on high-profile targets all over the World. Hitman comes in episodes and only three out of seven total episodes are available so far.

In a way, this isn’t surprising. Hitman Absolution got a Mac version, and many of Square Enix’s games are eventually released for Mac (such as Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, or Deux Ex).

Again this is not official, but the leaks come from SteamDB. And SteamDB is rarely wrong. According to the site, changes were made to Hitman’s Mac and Linux versions just a few hours ago:

Hitman Mac leak

From my own experience, SteamDB is extremely reliable. After all, it crawls Steam’s databases to come up with this information. And if SteamDB finds something, it’s because a developer is actually working on it.


The real question is when?

Timing is much more tricky. That a developer is working on a Mac port doesn’t mean it will be ready soon (or ready at all if you look at exceptions such as F1 2015 and Arma 3). A port could eventually take a very long time before it materializes. Dark Souls and Mad Max are good examples.

However, looking at Hitman, there’s a big chance that Feral Interactive is behind this port. They are usually diligent with their ports and if they are actively working on it, we should hear official news soon enough.

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