Don’t you hate how most free games either require an internet connection to play or microtransactions to have fun?

If you don’t have the first (say, on an airplane) or are sick of the second (who likes microtransactions anyway?), Gametop games might be just for you.

A month ago I didn’t even knew they existed. Last weekend, one saved my life.


How a solid Tower-Defense game saved my trip

Free games that can be played offline are hard to come by. There are other excellent free Mac games, but most require an internet connection.

This is where Gametop makes the difference.

Having an internet connection is usually not a problem. It may even sound like a fake problem. But that all changes if you happen to travel from time to time. Last weekend I had a four-hour train ride in front of me. Heroes of the Storm was out of the table (no internet connection!), but I had Royal Defense to save the day.

My trip was so poorly planned, I forgot to download a movie and didn’t have a single offline game on my Macbook Air. Obviously, I realized this when it was too late and only had 5 minutes to spare. Luckily, Royal Defense was only 100MB and I download it and installed it in 5 minutes.

Royal Defense game

Royal Defense is a classic tower defense strategy game that reminds me of the iOS game Fieldrunners 2. In Royal Defense, you have to defend your keep against countless hordes of trolls.

You can build towers, use magic and any means necessary to stop the monsters in their tracks. Like most tower-defense games, every enemy killed grants you coins that can be used to purchase new towers and upgrade their power.

The gameplay is simple, but there are nuances that you will need to master. For example, each tower has specific stats including damage points, fire rate, damage radius and sometimes specific damage types. It’s up to you to balance your towers and be capable of dealing with the different enemy types.

You also have magic powers that you can unleash when and where you decide. Each magic type has a cooldown timer, meaning that you will have to choose the right moment to use one.

Royal Defense game 2

The game offers 40 levels, 12 different tower and 12 types of creatures.

Mac system requirements:

  • File Size: 100 Mb;
  • OS: 10.9/10.8/10.7;
  • CPU: 600 Mhz (INTEL only) or better

Royal Defense is a simple, yet solid game. If you enjoy casual / free games, has you covered.


But what is Gametop, exactly? is a website 100% dedicated to free games. The website offers Windows games, Android games, iOS games and Mac games. They even have a couple browser-based games too. For the Mac, they offer puzzle games, action games, arcades, tower defense games and more. But other than offering a wide-variety of games, they guarantee that all of them are safe: no viruses, malware or in-game ads.

And that part is very important, especially when dealing with free stuff on the web. Gametop is a trustworthy site. I haven’t tried all of their games, but so far, so good.

Gametop homepage

Free games without microtransactions or ads may sound too good to be true, but I can confirm this first hand: Gametop has them. And all of them are full games too, not trials. You can actually dive into a game worrying about a paywall a few levels in.


Games perfect for a MacBook

I spent a few hours playing Royal Defense, and for a free, offline game, it was exactly what I needed. It’s simple, easy to get into, and runs smoothly even on older MacBooks.

Did I mention it was hard as hell too? I spend more than I would like to admit playing the first level… The game can feel repetitive after a few levels, but that’s something I’ve experienced with all tower-defense, free or not.

But you have to be careful with your expectations. If you want a free game from a trustworthy source, Gametop’s games are for you. If you want a hardcore gaming experience, you better get Shadow of Mordor or BioShock Infinite. Those games cost over $50 for a reason, and it would be unfair to expect the same from a free game.

That said, if you have an older Macbook Pro or a Macbook Air, games such as Royal Defense could be even a better match than Shadow of Mordor. Gametop games are 2D and don’t require a powerful machine to be enjoyed.

Most MacBooks with integrated graphics should be able to run these games just fine. My 2013 MacBook Air did.


Your turn

If you want a free game that can be truly enjoyed without spending money, Gametop certainly has a game or two among their huge collection just for you.

Plus, they’re free, so why not give it a shot. You can find Gametop’s top Mac games here.

Note from Ric: This is a sponsored post on a game I personally tried.